Random Thoughts on the Subject of Christmas

I read an article about a YMCA that replaced its Santa with Frosty the Snowman. This was a decision by the local management, not some upper-level YMCA ruling. They said it was because they wanted to make their annual seasonal celebration more inclusive for everyone. I heard earlier from a friend that a YMCA in … Continue reading Random Thoughts on the Subject of Christmas

Intellectual Reasons for Belief

We, as Christians, as often asked by people who believe that they are intellectuals why we believe what we believe. I am not aware of any brief list which is not woefully inadequate. The following list could easily be expanded, but it is a good ready reference. (Please note that many of these points are … Continue reading Intellectual Reasons for Belief

So What Do We Expect From A Presidential Candidate?

Certainly not perfection. A good Presidential Candidate must understand and have deep respect for the Constitution of the United States. Second, he must understand what that means and have the character to implement the principles it contains. Last, he must understand that the US Constitution is not a "suicide pact." On rare occasions a Commander-In-Chief … Continue reading So What Do We Expect From A Presidential Candidate?

What Is “Seasonally Adjusted?”

http://www.1stwebdesigner.com/freebies/33-high-resolution-spring-desktop-wallpapers/(This is the source of the image above. They have some fantastic things!)Most of us hear the phrase "seasonally adjusted" with a vague idea that we know what those words mean. Since they have different meanings in different contexts, it can be very confusing. While a complete definition of "seasonally adjusted" can be an entire … Continue reading What Is “Seasonally Adjusted?”

Statement of Belief in Education

Note that we have a general statement of belief for our blog, but we also include this one with specific reference to our education principles. We post this as we complete our series, in preparation for the last few entries beginning tomorrow, in which we will review a number of popular homeschool curricula. When we … Continue reading Statement of Belief in Education

Principles of Teaching P.E.

Any form of organized sports will require outlays of time and money. Many communities have youth sports leagues but may require lots of time including fundraising obligations. Sports considered individualized (as opposed to group sports) are sometimes more flexible in scheduling, with lower outlays for time, money and equipment, and less chance of causing offense … Continue reading Principles of Teaching P.E.

Principles for Teaching Arithmetic and Mathematics

There are only three possible systems to teach Arithmetic and Mathematics. First is to teach without any system. This is poor teaching. It is often disguised as loving, motivating and capturing a student's interest. While these are admirable goals, much or even most of the subject material will be ignored while a very few things … Continue reading Principles for Teaching Arithmetic and Mathematics

Principles of Teaching Fine Arts and Foreign Languages

Historically, the Fine Arts included painting, sculpture, architecture, music and poetry, plus drama and dancing. Lesser arts include book printing, jewelry and clothing design, quilting and home decorating. Computer design, both commercial and artistic, have revolutionized print (or electronic) media, audio and visual productions. Musical creations can be produced without a single "real" instrument or … Continue reading Principles of Teaching Fine Arts and Foreign Languages

Principles of Teaching Handwriting

The illustration shows ancient forms of writing in the Middle East. It is taken from the Curriculum Introduction included with our Biblical Studies books. A difficult subject made more difficult by computers. What should be handwritten and what should be typed? Some colleges and companies require a handwritten essay for admission/employment to ensure that it … Continue reading Principles of Teaching Handwriting

Sexual Harassment Not That Important???

"We all have stuff in our past that we do that we regret," says OU senior Alexandra Hedden. "You move on." She referred to the sexual harassment charges against Herman Cain. Alexandra Hedden is a student of Oakland University, Michigan, with a student body of 40.000, which hosted the latest Republican debate. According to NetNet … Continue reading Sexual Harassment Not That Important???

Principles of Teaching Literature and English Skills

English Skills must include Grammar, Composition, Spelling, and Vocabulary. I am an English teacher who hates Grammar, at least the way it is usually taught. Rather than drill on sentence diagramming and parts of speech in isolated sentences, I taught Grammar from Tom Sawyer. The student finds parts of speech in realistic speech, regional, standard … Continue reading Principles of Teaching Literature and English Skills

Principles of History Teaching

History is the opposite of Science.  History curriculum is very common. The question is, are History curricula teaching significance knowledge? The average high school graduate knows very little non-European and non-American history. An abundance of high-quality history books exist.  The real issue is, what is essential to be taught? What do your children need to … Continue reading Principles of History Teaching

Principles of Science Teaching

There are only two ways to teach Science: to teach it as a unified subject or divide it into categories. Unified sounds good but can be overwhelming to students. Subatomic particles like electrons don't divide themselves into disciplines according to how they behave. In Physics we study electrons in different ways from observing how they … Continue reading Principles of Science Teaching

Philosophy of Bible Teaching

We take the historical-grammatical interpretation. "When the plain sense of Scripture makes common sense, seek no other sense; therefore, take every word at its primary, ordinary, usual, literal meaning unless the facts of the immediate context, studies in the light of related passages and axiomatic and fundamental truths, indicate clearly otherwise. God in revealing His … Continue reading Philosophy of Bible Teaching

The Importance of Keeping Records and Cutting Curriculum Costs

  Before beginning homeschooling, the teacher must realize that he or she is the recordkeeper for each student. As in all government and private schools, there are three types of records. The first is every aspect of a student’s work. In Pennsylvania, homeschooling parents must turn in a portfolio of student’s work every year to … Continue reading The Importance of Keeping Records and Cutting Curriculum Costs

Cain and Politico

Here's a quote from a Politico article from October 31st on the Herman Cain sexual harassment accusations. Did you read the fourth page? Did anybody? "Revelations about the settlements come as members of the association’s [the National Restaurant Association, or NRA's] board planned to meet this month to talk about ways to use the organization’s … Continue reading Cain and Politico

Important Points Which Must Be Covered in Education

I. The Bible is the authoritative foundation for science, arts, literature, math, history, geography, geology, physics, chemistry, medicine, biology and all other academic disciplines. Anything which contradicts the Word of God either directly or by ignoring it, is in error. II. The Material universe was created out of the non material world. III. The Original … Continue reading Important Points Which Must Be Covered in Education


Every homeschooling family must have a curriculum. There are two extremes in curriculum which every homeschooler is familiar with. The first extreme is a curriculum which does everything for you. There are video teachers, online help, directed chatrooms (emphasis on directed), integrated textbooks and teachers to grade the student's work. Many parents believe that this … Continue reading Homeschooling

President Herman Cain

An unidentified man won a bet on the St. Louis Cardinals winning the World Series with 999 to l odds. Long shots can win whatever the odds. This also applies to elections. It's not over until the last vote is counted. At this point anything can still happen. But the outcome of the 2012 Presidential … Continue reading President Herman Cain