Serials and Samples

Whoa! All of a sudden Findley Family Video has thirty-six titles? How can anyone keep them all straight? Well, here's how, with this handy catalog of all our ebook offerings: Antidisestablishmentarianism  Illustrated Antidisestablishmentarianism "Why Go to the American Wilderness?" Contains the Preface, Introduction, and first chapter of the complete plain text version of the book. … Continue reading Serials and Samples

Foundational Facts

Our book Antidisestablishmentarianism expands the following points in detail. Antidisestablishmentarianism has thousands of footnotes and over thirty pages of Bibliography references. These brief explanations will help those indoctrinated in the religion of Secular Humanism to begin to understand what America’s founding fathers knew when they wrote the Constitution. The words belief, trust and faith are … Continue reading Foundational Facts

Will You Lose Your Job Because of Facebook?

This is not about your indiscretions which might show up in human resources. Yes, those are important, but this is about the very existence of the company you work for. "But I work for a huge, stable company." If you believe that you are safe then you do not understand how the stock market works. … Continue reading Will You Lose Your Job Because of Facebook?

A $2 a mile load pays more than $12.50 a mile load?

This is for the Landstar community, but I am posting this for the world at large because I am asked about this at least twice a day. From here on out, I will just post a link to this blog. Since this is for everyone, I will explain some details the Landstar community takes for … Continue reading A $2 a mile load pays more than $12.50 a mile load?

Why does Abe Lincoln Look So Grim?

This is a rest stop along I-80 near Laramie, Wyoming which serves to commemorate the Lincoln Highway, which, the displays say, crossed the US from Times Square to San Francisco. There is a huge sculpture of Abraham Lincoln's head on the site as well. Displays tell how the sculpture was made, how many tons of … Continue reading Why does Abe Lincoln Look So Grim?

Bringing Light, Casting Shadows: A Review of Lisa Grace’s Angel in the Shadows

Many friends and blog readers may be offended that I have read and am reviewing a book sometimes classified as "Christian Horror." Calling it an oxymoron or worse, some people say horror has no place in Christianity. What is appropriate to write and call Christian is a big area of disagreement. Workshops, seminars and conferences … Continue reading Bringing Light, Casting Shadows: A Review of Lisa Grace’s Angel in the Shadows


Daddy grew watermelons in his garden—Black Diamond Watermelons— gorilla sized, not the striped tabby-kitty varieties we see in stores now. A watermelon is a wondrous thing—a vegetable, experts say. Daddy plopped seeds about the size of my pinky fingernail into the ground and then irrigated the rows. Botanists tell me when you plant a watermelon, … Continue reading THE POWER IN A WATERMELON SEED Guest Blog by Ada Brownell

Review of The Avengers

Likely to be the most popular movie of all time, The Avengers doesn't need any hype from me, just as Captain America doesn't think anybody would ask him to join a group of heroes to save the world. He wonders if he isn't a little old fashioned. Phil (paraphrasing, and there will be more about … Continue reading Review of The Avengers

The Busy One

Though Solomon warns us of the dangers of sloth in Proverbs 6:6-11, The Busy One is an Arabic title for Satan based on Job 1:7 And the LORD said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down … Continue reading The Busy One

Through the Windshield 3

Montana has the largest surface area (by measuring all the mountain area) of the 48 contiguous states. It's filled with bumper stickers like "My state is bigger than your state." Yet small states like Arkansas have more roads for trucks than Montana. So last year when we drove from North Dakota west across central Montana … Continue reading Through the Windshield 3

Righting Sew Reel Ayes Reed Passed Yore Tie Till

I started to "meet" many modern authors through the joys of Internet groups for authors, readers and writers. So I started to read their books. I am especially interested in Indie Christian Writers, and I wanted to help them by writing reviews to post on places like Amazon and Goodreads. Please don't think I'm joining … Continue reading Righting Sew Reel Ayes Reed Passed Yore Tie Till

Through the Windshield 2

On I-80 in Illinois on the north side of the road we saw a dozen or so small elk. I didn't recognize them at first because they did not have the characteristic rump. Then I realized that they were covered in mud and the young bull had small velvet antlers. They were on a small … Continue reading Through the Windshield 2

Be Ye Holy

(Exodus 22:31, Leviticus 11:44, 45, 19:2, 20:7, 20:26, Numbers 15:40, Deuteronomy 23:14, 26:19, Ephesians 1:4, 5:27, I Peter 1:15,16, II Peter 3:11) Facebook friends we never met such as Pastor Mike Sproul and John Darrell Askey have linked to several excellent, thought-provoking articles over the past several months. While there were many excellent comments, some … Continue reading Be Ye Holy

A Christian Continuum

The name or title “Q” is known to geeks and many others as the godlike creature in Star Trek the Next Generation. He was part of something called the “Q Continuum,” a race of fellow godlike beings who apparently liked being aloof and distant from mankind. This Q claimed he had benevolent feelings for humanity … Continue reading A Christian Continuum

“I’m Going Home.”

A review of Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers Perhaps I was the only remaining Christian female on the planet who had not read this book. The parallels to both the biblical book of Hosea and a human’s relationship to God are beautiful and valuable. It is almost a perfect allegory of the rocky relationship we … Continue reading “I’m Going Home.”

So, What Is A Baptist?

"The Bible alone is our absolute rule of Faith and Practice." Ever heard this before? Though many things define a Baptist, this is good place to start. It is easier to see what Baptists do (Practice) than it is to understand what we believe. The Wikipedia article on Baptists under the series on Christianity correctly … Continue reading So, What Is A Baptist?

Guest Post by Pastor George McVey — Hearing God Speak

Pastor George McVey recently started a new blog, "Ask Pastor George," which you can see here: Here is a sample of what we can expect from Pastor George, who will soon be releasing what sounds like a classic Western with more than a touch of romance. As a pastor and revivalist one of the … Continue reading Guest Post by Pastor George McVey — Hearing God Speak