Adult Romantic Historical Suspense Books

The Baron’s Ring Price: $2.99

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The Baron’s Ring

Prince Tristan found a new life in a foreign land. He will pay any price to free his princess from the wicked witch, but it will cost him more than he can imagine to save his kingdom.

Tristan already despairs for his kingdom in the hands of his drunken, idolatrous older brother. A raging river whips him a hundred miles away to an impoverished, isolated village in a foreign land. No one believes who he is and he can find no way to return home. Finally Tristan manages to make a place in his new home as a teacher, and perhaps has found the beginnings of love.

In one agonizing night, Tristan is certain he’s lost any hope for the future. God once again gives him an entirely new life, until it collides with his old one. In spite of the joy of meeting an old friend, Tristan learns of a shocking accusation that he cannot let go unanswered. When he finally returns home, it is to an old enemy reaching out to grasp his kingdom. Can God raise up a savior? Can it possibly be Tristan?

Take up anew the tale of friendship, intrigue, love, and loss in each book in the Men of the Realmlands series.

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The Captain’s Blade Price: 2.99

The Captain’s Blade

 After Tristan’s disappearance from his home country, hs best friend Jonathan has no hope that Tristan survived an attack at the hands of his half-mad brother, the newly-crowned king Dunstan. Jonathan has responsibilities beyond Captain of the Guard, however, when he sails on a quest to fulfill Tristan’s long-held wish: To build a navy to protect their country from pirates.

Complications arise with that plan when Jonathan encounters an island kingdom in the grip of devilish wickedness and an exotic woman mercenary who demands information but keeps her own quest a secret. Another beautiful stranger claims she is a shipbuilder in a land where women are mere slaves and marriage chattel. 

The creation of that marvelous navy of three ships costs Jonathan pain and turmoil he can hardly imagine. The shipbuilder vanishes and Jonathan is nearly killed, but the warrior woman and her six soldiers for hire rescue him and beg passage home with him.

Distrust of everything in that violent land makes him refuse her, but Jonathan will find more trouble and distress back home even amid the joy of discovering his lost friend is alive. What will happen when Jonathan sees again the beautiful mercenary his mother calls “his warrior woman?” 

His navy will eventually return to the country where it was born, but will it be for a rescue or a war? Jonathan thinks he is prepared for spiritual warfare but he has no inkling of the grip demons have on the  kingdom of the South Crescentlands and the principal island of Kolt’Kutan.

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Chasing the Texas Wind Price: $2.99

Chasing the Texas Wind

Spies, lies, and Texas freedom throw a wounded war hero and a celebrity singer into a marriage of convenience and a passionate alliance they never dreamed possible.

As much as Hamilton Jessup hates Texas high society and pity as a wounded war hero, marriage to the wealthy Maeve Collinswood solves his mysterious financial crisis. Ham’s cynicism about his service, past and present, keeps Maeve Collinswood at arm’s length. While solving the puzzle of who’s supplying guns to Mexico’s army, he is baffled to learn that his sham wife has valuable intel he’s missed. When she disappears he’s got to trust God in ways he never imagined to find the woman he’s grown to love and get the answers he needs to save Texas.

Maeve Collinswood needs a husband for respectability, but Hamilton Jessup’s got to understand that the marriage is just a business arrangement. She thought she’d counted the cost of inviting a stranger into her tightly-controlled world. Ham is supposed to show up for her fundraising concerts and leave her secrets unsolved but she may have misjudged her need for this man and her own ability to solve the mystery of who she can trust to help her fight for freedom.

The romance, suspense, and adventure continue in The Fight for Texas Freedom series. You won’t want to miss a minute.

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Send a White Rose Price: $2.99

Send a White Rose

Shattered by an assassin’s attack, Bart Durant’s got no stomach to face a mail order mistake.

New Mexico federal judge Bart Durant can solve everyone’s problems but his own. Left to die and forced to depend on others for the smallest things, he prepares to step down and step away from a woman who crossed the country just to meet him. He never considers that she’ll wait as long as it takes to prove him wrong about that unfortunate first impression. That is, unless there’s more than one assassin, and more at stake than anyone suspects.

Leah Masters waits patiently for Judge Durant’s return after he suddenly disappears the night they meet in Santa Fe. Learning her brother is the prime suspect in a brutal attack, and that a woman she trusted might have her own reasons for keeping secrets, Leah has to decide if she has really fallen in love with a man nobody seems to want her to get close to, and somebody’s trying to kill.

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Carrie’s Hired Hand: A Civil War Novella Price: $.99

Carrie’s Hired Hand: A Civil War Novella

A Civil War Novella —
Carrie Wilkes, a Northern woman married to a Southern man, has had enough of stares and shunning. Robert Salinger might be handsome and a friend of her dying husband. But why is he either boring his eyes into her or ignoring her? He blames himself for Ben’s death. He swears he will look after Carrie and the children, but they go home from the funeral alone. Will that deaf and dumb stranger, Robbie, be any real help to save her farm?

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2 Replies to “Adult Romantic Historical Suspense Books”

  1. Reading your story, “Benny and the Bank Robber” and was pleased to see that you were biblically correct when Benny commented on the fact that the Bible does not say angles have halos and, of course, they are men. One of my pet peeves are all these female winged angels that are found in so many homes.Thanks for getting it right.

    Chaplain Jim Combs, El Paso, tX

    1. Thanks for reading, Chaplain Combs, and I agree, those everywhere-present, effeminate angels are a big pet peeve of mine, too!

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