Promos and advertising examples

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Many authors want to promote their works in ways that don’t cost them a lot of money. Even if they are purchasing ads with facebook, Amazon, or other venues, they still may need images. They may also want things like special facebook, Twitter, or other social media “covers,” the large rectangular image that tops a social media page, to announce a new release, completion of a series, or, sale. They may want to replace their facebook profile image with a new release book cover. The dimensions of different social media images change from time to time and it may be difficult to keep up with the requirements. I am offering to make promo images for authors that are the correct size, that feature their specific promo needs, and at a reasonable price (starting as low as $10, and likely never exceeding $35.) I can also write ad copy to focus on reaching yout target market or specific wording requirements for paid promotions. Below are some examples of my work.

Antidisestablishmentarianism and serial segments
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