Testimonials from Satisfied Design Customers

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Reviews of my design services —

“Mary saw my first cover for my first novel and was both kind and candid. After listening carefully to my very specific requests for characters and details, she produced an unbelievably terrific cover in less than a day. What did I do? I asked her to do the cover for my second book immediately.”

— Brad Rucker, Allegorical Fantasy author

“Mary is a professional designer with a wide range of talent and experience. She is quick, and patient as well as willing to work within your budget. I recommend her anytime.”

— Parker J. Cole, Romance author

“Mary has given me some really good covers, for a very reasonable price. She’s easy to work with, always willing to make changes if I ask for them. She also has always turned in her artwork prior to the due date I’ve given her. Super reliable.”

— Travis Perry of Bear Publications, specializing in Sci Fi and Fantasy

“Mary does a great job as a cover designer. She finds out what you really need as a cover, asking the right questions to figure out what fits your story even if you might have a difficult time articulating it yourself at first. She works with you until you’re satisfied with the final product, and has a wonderful sense of space, imagery, and color schemes. I highly recommend her as your cover designer.”

— Sherry Chamblee, author of Cozies and Historical Fantasy

“Mary was great to work with. I thought I would have no choice but to do all custom art for my upcoming fantasy trilogy, but she managed to build and create two of the three covers from stock images, and it looks like the artwork was designed for those covers. I had to do custom art just because of the specificity of the third cover, but she managed to blend and brand them as clearly part of the same series. I’ve seen so many sub-par covers out there, but Mary’s work always pushes me to write content worthy of her professional, wonderfully designed covers.”

— David G. Johnson, author of Epic Fantasy

“Mary Findley took my idea for a bookcover and turned it into a masterpiece. I wouldn’t use anyone else.”

— Larry Paris, author of allegorical fantasy

“When I wrote my first novel, I didn’t know exactly what to expect out of a cover designer. At first, I was eager to just accept ANYTHING approaching a quality cover, but Mary encouraged me to give input, to tweak it to my heart’s content, to make the cover my own. Needless to say, when I was ready for my second cover, I knew exactly who I’d come to — and who I’ll be going to for my third in a few months! She has an amazing eye for what the customer wants, at competitive prices, and is EXTREMELY patient. I couldn’t be happier with her offerings.”

— Jeremy Bullard, author of SciFi epics

“Mary has made covers for two series for me. One, The Reboot Files, was streamlining a series that had already been published. The other was the Chasing Lady Midnight series where she took a bad description from me, and came up with wonderful covers. A very easy process for a cover clueless author.”

— Cindy Ragsdale, author of SciFi mysteries and Superhero stories

“Mary C Findley took my ideas and brought them to life. Her covers literally sell my books.”

— Michael Eash, author of Fantasy and SciFi superhero books

“Mary does excellent Cover Design and reasonable prices. I highly recommend her.”

— Russell Sherrard, Bible study author