COA student teacher 1-5

COA is short for “The Conflict of the Ages,” a series of modules for homeschool curriculum unifying the study of Science, History, and Literature from a perspective of Biblical Authority.

Antidisestablishmentarianism (“Anti” for the sake of brevity) began as an introduction to the series. It is a full book but is also available as four separate, serial sections:
What Is An Establishment of Religion?
What Is Secular Humanism?
What is Science? and
What Are The Results Of The Establishment Of Secular Humanism?
Since the Preface and the Introduction to Anti define our standards for the entire series, these are available in early parts of the Conflict of the Ages series. We use a traditional definition of Preface as the explanation for why the book was written and Introduction as an overview of the contents.

Choose from the Combined Teacher manual for the first three modules or separate teacher editions 1-5. Find Teacher and Student Editions on all major online retail sites, in ebook and print versions. (COA Teacher 1-3 is only available in print as the combined edition. Beginning with COA4 teacher print editions are separate.)

Combined Teacher Edition 1-3


Here is a brief explanation of how the series works within each volume. There are different levels for use and study, varying in how much emphasis a teacher will need to give to students:

The first level is the highly selective main text.
The second level involves accessing, by hyperlinks within the main text, links to previously-published articles on subject-focused topics.
The third level includes links to reference works not included in the text, often complete books. These reference links will usually be more difficult reading material, sometimes on a postdoctoral level. These reference works might also include material we strongly disagree with, but need to mention for a thorough treatment of the subject.

(COA4) Covers the foundations of civilization, beginning with Noah and expanding outward.

(COA5) Continues the study of the ancient world and the rise of civilizations around the world.

Please check back for updates as the project goes forward, and follow the link below to our Issues Nonfiction and Homeschool Curriculum page for more information about these books, sample text, and buy links on major online retailers.

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