Visual Novels, Videos and More

Visual Novels
Visual Novels, Videos, and Comic Books
Visual Novels, Videos, Comic Books
Outcome Unknown
Outcome Unknown

Visual novels include text overlays, sound effects, music, animation effects, and videos, and give the reader choices and activities as the story progresses. Here is a first look at “Outcome: Unknown” from the Space Empire universe.

Adventure Choice

Adventure Choice stories link through episodes based on decisions the reader makes, and can create different outcomes. Benny and the Bank Robber, as well as other books, could take a few new twists and turns in these interactive versions of our books

Explore With Benny
Episode One: Where Are Those Spectacles?
Episode One: Where Are Those Spectacles?
Comic Books

We are creating Comic Book versions of our stories. Some include choice adventures. Here are some samples.

Benny’s River Rescue
Benny’s River Rescue
Talia Is Missing! (From the Great Thirst Serial)
Talia Is Missing!

Our goal has always been to produce videos based on what we write. Soon we hope to add works, shorter or longer, with 3D animation and video content in fiction and nonfiction genres. For now, take a look at some of our older and newer version book trailers, interviews, excerpts from blog posts, older teaching segments, and 3D creations in progress! Stay tuned!

FFVP logo anim
Findley Family Video animated promo

Sojourner 1
Video describing Findley Family Video
Promo for joining the Nehemiah LLC project
Video trailer for Mapped Out Murders
Video Trailer for Fall on your Knees
Vlog about our books
Early 3D Video Test
Trailer for His Sign: The Wait Is Over
The great Thirst Trailer
What Is Steampunk?
Under the sun book excerpt
Video blog post
Scientific History
Blog Post Video
Fall On Your Knees Video Trailer
The Baron’s Ring Trailer
Christmas romance collection trailer
Carrie’s Hired Hand Trailer
Nehemiah LLC Trailer
A Dodge, a Twist, and a Tobacconist Trailer