Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction

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Hope and the Knight of the Black Lion

Hope must trust a nameless crusader when her family disappears and her life is threatened but will his painful past defeat his vows to her?

Hope and the Knight of the Black Lion
Illuminated Hope and the Black Lion

Hope and the Knight of the Black Lion

Illuminated Hope

The Benny and the Bank Robber Series: 1. Benny and the Bank Robber

Tom Sawyer meets Sugar Creek gang as Benny struggles for faith in God’s promise while crossing frontier America with a knife-wielding con man.

Benny and the Bank Robber

(Visit “Nonfiction and Homeschool” genre link for student and teacher edition study guides of this book.)

2. Doctor Dad

Benny’s True Grit faces prejudice, bullying, a deadly secret society, and a world of silence, while searching for a simple Christmas.

Dr. Dad

3. The Oregon Sentinel

A dream job conflicts with Benny’s Oregon Trail plans and blossoming love. An old enemy and a merciless wilderness threaten his friendships and life.

The Oregon Sentinel
4. Lines in Pleasant Places

Ben’s town and responsibilities grow and the wagon train carrying his bride is slow to arrive. Disasters man-made and natural threaten everything.

Lines in Pleasant Places

The Men of the Realmlands series: 1. The Baron’s Ring

Tristan is a prince without a kingdom but finds purpose and love until an old enemy challenges him to remember duty doesn’t count the cost.

The Baron’s Ring

2. The Captain’s Blade

Jonathan’s duties on land and sea pull him into conflict with dark powers in a costly quest to make the missing king’s navy a reality.

The Captain’s Blade
Ephron the Hittite Series: 1. Ephron Son of Zohar

Building Hittite cities is easy for Ephron. Forging alliances may fall to another family member if his reluctant bride destroys everything he has worked for.

Ephron Son of Zohar

2. Tawannana Daughter of Zohar

Dragonslaying feeds her family but Tawananna isn’t sure she can unite the Hittites when political and family intrigues keep her seated while Sargon attacks.

Tawananna Daughter of Zohar

3. Heth Son of Canaan, Son of Ham, Son of Noah

Heth’s one-of a kind secret weapon might achieve Hittite domination over enemies but his mysterious weakness could doom his people to destruction.

Heth, Son of Canaan, Son of Ham, Son of Noah

4. Shelometh Daughter of Yovov Wife of Ephron

Once rebellious against arranged marriage, Shelometh reigns with Ephron in Hebron,  advocating for women wherever she goes. She honors Elohim in an idolatrous world.

Shelometh Daughter of Yovov Wife of Ephron

5. Zita Son of Ephron and Shelometh

Zita’s journey to Hattus reveals his people’s corruption. He learns the steep price of peace amid ambush and a desperate bid for unity.

Zita Son of Ephron and Shelometh

Chasing the Texas Wind

Hamilton Jessup’s marriage to Maeve Collinswood is just a convenience until they realize they’re on the same side in the battle for Texas freedom.

Chasing the Texas Wind

Send a White Rose

Territorial judge Bart Durant can’t imagine that Leah Masters, his mail order mistake, might be just the help he needs to survive an assassination attempt.

Send a White Rose

Carrie’s Hired Hand (Novella)

A Northern widow of a Southern soldier can’t farm alone. The promised help doesn’t come but a deaf-mute stranger turns her life upside down.

Carrie’s Hired Hand

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