The Design in Your Mind

Here you will find book covers and images I, Mary C. Findley, have designed for FFVP and many other authors, some of which have helped in a climb to bestseller status. Click on a genre heading to find samples. Please let me know if I can help unlock the design that will pull readers to your book. I have worked with authors in most every genre and produced results that have them saying, “Yes! That’s just what I wanted!” Better still, I’ve worked to get readers to take that critical closer look and have seen books with covers I designed go up and up and up the charts. 

Please contact me at if I can help with cover or other graphics designs. My rates are $50 for ebook covers, an additional $150 for print, and $35 and up for premades and individual graphics like bookmarks, social media covers, and promo images. These rates are based on my being able to supply images through my own resources. If the author wants images I do not have access to, he or she will have to pay for or supply images so that the ownership is clearly theirs. 

To see covers I have made for us at FFVP and for other authors, please click the small FFVP icon below:

Click on a genre icon to view example covers. You may select any premade cover to modify and purchase. However, the main purpose of these are as examples of my skills. Feel free to request custom alterations or completely original designs in most any genre.