We Pay for Blogs

If you have a piece you think would fit our “tough, but you need it” guidelines, submit it to us at ffvp57@yahoo.com. Guidelines are as follows:

1. We will consider biblically accurate material which does not contain expressly Christian content. We may also accept material that is accurate historically and scientifically, but that is not expressly Bible teaching. We will not accept material that is in opposition to biblical truth and accuracy or that teaches false doctrine. This determination lies solely with us and is not negotiable.

2. Must be “meat,” not “milk.” We are not looking for “Bible stories,” a simple presentation of the Gospel or a “basics for believers” piece. These are excellent topics for a blog that deals with these subjects. Our focus is on edification leading to maturity.

3. Preference will be given to pieces that expose and oppose Secular Humanism in Science, History, Culture and churches, especially where people may not realize it exists.

4. We will consider movie and book reviews if the writer shows discernment in exposing the real philosophy of the work, not just a shallow list of objectionable elements or “positive themes.” The review must demonstrate biblical standards for marriage, personal relationships, true ethics and morality, good versus evil, and clearly show what is wrong and what is right in the work being reviewed.

5. Length is less important than excellent content, but shorter pieces will likely receive preference over longer ones. Blogs we have posted here vary considerably in length, but strive for the “two page gem,” edited down to the bare essentials of good writing and good content.

6. Accepted works may edited for length and then accepted if the author agrees to the edits. Promising works may be returned for one rewrite if spelling, grammar and/or punctuation do not meet the standards for basic educated English. We will not edit or point out errors for you, but we will look seriously at one good rewrite. If it fails the second time, it will be rejected.

Blog writers whose entries are accepted for publication here will receive a payment of $25 for a one-time, non-exclusive publication on Elk Jerky for the Soul. The author retains all rights to the work. Elk Jerky for the Soul asks only to be allowed to quote from the blog for informational or promotional purposes as long as the blog remains on this site.

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