Principles of History Teaching

History is the opposite of Science.  History curriculum is very common. The question is, are History curricula teaching significance knowledge? The average high school graduate knows very little non-European and non-American history. An abundance of high-quality history books exist.  The real issue is, what is essential to be taught? What do your children need to learn? What is significant?

The average High School requires US History and the history of your state. Nothing more. Students usually aren’t even taught US history. They are taught diversity, pop culture and to hate slavery. Decades ago, History was combined with Geography, producing Social Studies. For the last fifty years the emphasis has been on the social with very little study. As Christians we need a semester, if not an entire year, of understanding the US constitution and the Constitution of the state in which you live.

The easiest way to teach World History is a good solid integration of History with the Bible. Who is Nebuchadnezzar? Who are the Babylonians and Chaldeans, the Aramaeans, Hittites, Philistines? What is Ur?

Our History will integrate Physics with ancient literature showing the beginnings of history with the Creation of the World. We need to emphasize the way people think and research to show how to determine what is historically factual. There is very little disagreement or controversy about historical facts from the time of Christ

to the present. As we go back in time from the 1st century AD there are more disagreements and questions. This is why High School and junior high texts stay away from these areas. Unless a parent is a historian, it is difficult to know whether “facts” presented in a textbook are true. What is the most significant thing? Parent must be familiar enough with the Word of God to evaluate statements in history books and see if they are in conflict with the principles in God’s Word.

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