Sexual Harassment Not That Important???

“We all have stuff in our past that we do that we regret,” says OU senior Alexandra Hedden. “You move on.” She referred to the sexual harassment charges against Herman Cain.

Alexandra Hedden is a student of Oakland University, Michigan, with a student body of 40.000, which hosted the latest Republican debate. According to NetNet with John Carney in a CNBC blog dated Nov 9, 2011 this is the overwhelming majority opinion on not only this campus, but also all across the country. These students wish that none of this had happened, “But we should be looking at other things,” said Dana Hapanowicz, also a senior.

Their major concern they have include whether they will have jobs when they graduate. There seems to be little or no concern about whether these women are telling the truth. To most students on campus, the charges are not very serious.

“Yeah, sexual harassment is very serious,” freshman Koryne McKean says. “I don’t know if I would believe the women.”

The information in this blog is from the Jeff Cox CNBC blog “Debate Big on Campus, But Cain Charges Aren’t.”

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