Elk Jerky for the Body

We have had a few internet searches looking for Elk Jerky recipes land on our site. We were very sorry to have disappointed them. To give the people what they want, here is an Elk Jerky Recipe of sorts. For another version, which we used as a reference, please see this link:
This link has a great description of how to prepare the meat, and mentions that you can use many different seasonings and marinates according to your taste.
When Michael was a teenager living in Arizona, a group of men from the church went elk hunting and brought back more meat than they could use. They distributed it around to church members and Michael’s mother decided to make jerky from some of it. Apparently she made a LOT of elk jerky. He is a little fuzzy on the details but is sure she cut the elk meat into strips. She then used Italian dressing (not a sweet kind) and dried jalapeno peppers as a marinate. (Go LIGHT on those jalapenos. I’m warning you). She marinated it overnight. She put the marinated strips on racks in a toaster over at the lowest setting and let it cook until it was dry. It must be on open racks so air can get all around it. An average oven cooks at too high a setting. It will take several hours for the strips to dry into jerky. 200 degrees seems to be about the right temperature, and 5-6 hours seems to be the right time. You can leave the door cracked, as the instructions linked above say, and taste-test often after you hit the five hour period. I’m sure that won’t be a big sacrifice for your taste-tester.

I know, the picture below is of Beef Jerky, but hey, it’s astronaut food! I couldn’t resist!

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