What Was It?

File:Patriot missile launch b.jpg

At approximately 5:30 AM Mountain Standard Time on Thursday, September 13, 2012 my wife Mary and I were traveling Westbound on I-40 about 15 miles West of Kingman, AZ. I looked to my left at a brightly lit contrail in the sky. While there was a touch of the coming dawn, the stars were still quite visible.

I was not sure what we were looking at. When Mary asked what it was, I said that I thought we just saw a plane explode. It didn’t really look like an airplane because it was a single huge, bright contrail. The object creating the contrail had shifted course several times, unlike an aircraft. It was at least the altitude of a commercial aircraft, or higher (25-40,000 ft).

At the end of the contrail, where the object exploded, there was a massive, expanding irregular shaped ball of multicolored gases. In the darkness of the desert, the object in the sky was completely silent.

As we tried to understand what we were watching, we passed a sign for an exit to Yucca proving ground. The contrail looked very much like a rocket, a rocket high enough to catch the morning sun while the ground was still in darkness.

This is a news clip of what we saw. According to this report, what we saw was 500 land miles away.

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