Job Is a “Litmus Test” for Liberalism.

To anyone who remotely believes in the inspiration of the Bible, who wrote Job is an either/or question. Yes, there were probably multiple authors over a period of time. But the scenes in heaven were either divinely revealed, or they were made up, invented, manufactured. There is no middle ground on this issue.

Words mean things. We speak English, a language with words which have well-known definitions. God spoke to Moses face to face as with a friend. Sometimes God speaks face to face (Joshua, Samuel). At other times, he used dreams [asleep] (Joseph, Daniel), with others God used visions [awake] (Ezekiel, Daniel). But whatever the method, God revealed information completely and accurately. By definition, anyone who denies that Job is an accurate revelation of actual events and discussions in heaven is a liberal. That is not my opinion; just an accurate definition.

Ask the person you suspect of being a liberal the simple question “Do you believe (understand) the book of Job to be an historical record supernaturally given to mankind, or do you believe (understand) the book of Job to be some kind of allegory, made up entirely by a human author?”

An honest conservative will say the book of Job is an accurate history account. He might have some interesting and useful explanation as to how it was recorded and written down.

An honest liberal will say that Job was entirely man’s invention. He also might have some interesting, though not useful, explanation as to how it was recorded and written down.

A dishonest liberal, which makes up the majority of liberals, since liberalism is a known evil, disguises himself as some type of conservative. They take a very simple either/or question and obfuscate. That is the textbook response of a liberal.

The Scriptures are inerrant. Above all, you must understand that “no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet’s own interpretation.” 2 Peter 1:19

This does not mean, as the Church of Rome twists this verse, that “the Church” tells us what to believe. It does not mean that you must be “educated” to understand what the history of the Church says the Scriptures mean. This verse means that the Scriptures mean what they say. Your are not to twist the Word of God into saying what you want it to mean.

The Scriptures cannot be broken.

The word “liberal” has a meaning and a definition.


Learning and education are good. But the education system is so corrupt, that it instills pride and indoctrinates in unbelief.



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