Through the Windshield: 5

About a week ago we were driving along I-10 Eastbound in Mobile, AL. We just passed the USS Alabama Battleship Park when a bottlenosed dolphin jumped out of the water. Another followed it, and then more followed them. Neither of us had ever seen them in the wild before.

On the same bridge we were treated to the usual flocks of pelicans. That’s sort of strange because I believe I saw my first pelican ever in Louisiana, the Pelican State. It was flying over the West end of the 18-mile Atchafalaya Basin Bridge, also on I-10.

Yesterday morning several hours before dawn we saw the well lighted Mormon temple in Brigham City, UT. A lady who lives there told us that temple is only 8 months old. It is just across the street from 100+-year-old tabernacle. Can anyone tell us how a Mormon tabernacle differs from a Mormon temple?

We are seeing a lot more llamas and some long-necked sheep. Texas is having a plague of grasshoppers. Crickets invaded Oklahoma. The roads in the Oklahoma panhandle are, happily, repaired and ready for the winter.

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