School Indoctrination

emotional boy

From the video Sacred Geometry DNA changes 2012 Mollecular Atom Consciousness…

My first comment is that they spelled molecular incorrectly in their title.

“With the deliberate push for government controlled educational curriculums, generation after generation of the youth are being taught to focus only on the facts, figures and numbers. Repetition is used to train children subconsciously to accept what they’re learning. Children aren’t rewarded for questioning the validity of the information they receive, they’re ridiculed. However, the children who blindly accept the information as true and merely regurgitate the information on command when it is time to take a test, those children go on to become the decision makers in our government, law, medicine, business and every other occupation with power and prestige.”

These comments, taken out of context are great. Children need to be taught how to think. However, there are two very serious problems. Some material must be learned by rote simply because it is true. There is no point arguing over the times tables. Just memorize them. The point is, for school boards and those establishing the curriculum, with the ubiquitous modern calculator, how important is it to memorize the times tables? Isn’t precious school time put to better use by learning how to use the various functions of the calculator than memorizing the times tables? And it is impossible to teach history if you have to spend a week convincing students that George Washington really lived. And how much time should George Washington be given in class? If we spend too much time on George Washington, then Andrew Jackson, the Louisiana Purchase, Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, the Gold Rush and other important topics are either cut short or ignored completely.

But taken in context, this video is not complaining that children are not taught how to think. The makers of this video want children to be brought up with “wholistic thinking.” What they emphasize is “left brain” female side, emotional thinking. After listening to the entire video, I am not certain what their goal is. While they are emphasizing “wake up,” what would their world, if they were in charge, actually look like?

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