The Diploma Nurse by Jessie Glover Wilson — Book Review by Michael J. Findley

This is the story of my Aunt Jessie Glover Wilson. I am not in the book, I did not contribute in any way and this review contains my first comments. My wife is the editor, but the first time I looked at the text was after it was published.

It is brief. Though I read it as an e-book, the print version is well under two hundred page. The writing style is very easy, and enjoyable reading. Anyone with some High School education should find this very easy reading.

Though it is the story of her professional career, it is much less about her than about the nursing profession in and around IL and MO on the Mississippi River. The complete title of the book is The Diploma Nurse: Her Shining Day, Her Fading Touch.

So, what is a Diploma Nurse? In short, it was a woman who was “hired” by a hospital and trained to be a nurse. She lived in a dormitory and worked in a variety of conditions to train her in various aspects of nursing.

A lack of historical perspective is destroying this country. This brief book is about one small geographic area and a few women in that area. Yet it describes an era and a profession with greater insight than many works ten times this size.

This inexpensive work should be read by anyone who not only wants to be a nurse, but anyone who wants to understand some of the problems of modern medicine in America.

2 thoughts on “The Diploma Nurse by Jessie Glover Wilson — Book Review by Michael J. Findley

  1. Enjoyed reading this book. I graduated from AMH, Jessie Wilson’s nursing school and can certainly relate to this book. I have worked in New York, Texas, and California and always felt well prepare because of my education from AMH. However I did return to school to receive my BS because of the changes in nursing and to advance in my career. Thanks Jessie for sharing our story.
    Shirley Lamy.

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