What Is The Best Way To Study The Bible? — post by Michael J. Findley

Simply do it.

We do not learn the Word of God through osmosis. We cannot place it by our pillow as we sleep and expect the content to be absorbed like an ointment. Studying the Bible takes time and effort. It is not automatic.

Line upon line, here a little, there a little, as Isaiah said. Reading a few lines or a paragraph before we go to bed, before we start our day or as we eat are all much better than ignoring the Word of God.
A system is much better than not having a system. Topical, textual, expository, word study, biographical, or simply reading the text, are all good and necessary. But what is most important is setting aside time. Jesus taught crowds, taught his disciples and still spent all night in prayer with His Father.

If we are hungry enough, we eat. Food becomes a priority. Is the study of the Word and the fellowship of God and other believers a priority in your life?

Image by Kakinsky from Morguefile

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