The Case of the Elongated Skulls — post by Michael J. Findley


In all things Charity (love). Pictures and articles about these ancient skulls constantly show up under every possible category. So I must admit that I have no idea what they are. This article is simply a brief list of the facts about these skulls.

1) Skeletons with elongated skulls which otherwise look like modern humans really do exist. The cranial capacity is much larger than any modern skull. So the theory that they were bound at birth to deliberately deform the person is not a possible explanation for these skulls.

These skulls images of people looking like this are found all over the earth as far back as ancient Egypt. There are hundreds, if not thousands of these skulls and skeletons.

2) They are not in the same category as individual skulls such as the so-called starchild where there is only one existing specimen. These single specimen cases are either diseased individuals or hoaxes.

3) Several ancient fetal skulls with elongated cranial capacity exist, the most well publicized from Peru. However, children today are often born with elongated skulls. These skulls of modern children return to a normal shape rather quickly.

4) DNA testing has been plagued with bacterial contamination and damaged samples. There is no solid, confirmed DNA test on any skull.

Conclusion; insufficent data. The elongated skulls and skeletons look like normal human skeletons, except for the elongated skulls. The skulls do not seem to be the result of binding the head because there is too much cranial material to account for that.

My personal opinion is that these skulls are not evidence of much of anything. Perhaps a higher quality, more detailed DNA test might shed more light on this, but until then, I will not use these skulls as evidence of anything.

Elongated skull of a young woman, probably an Alan (possible ancient resident of the area now known as Iran). On display at Yverdon History museum.
Photographer Rama Wikimedia Commons

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