Answering a blog by Daniel Fincke, PhD, on “God’s Not Dead” — Post by Michael J. Findley

Shane Harper as Josh Wheaton in God’s Not Dead, from the official movie website.

I discovered this blog after posting Mary’s review and my observations. I attempted to comment on his blog twice. Both times my comments were gone the next day.

His very first words; “This post turned out to be not just a movie review but a nearly comprehensive counter-apologetics case that I intend to refer Christians to in the future.”~12,000 words.

His thesis is “I am writing this post for the Christian who wants to know, in-depth, what a real live atheist philosophy professor, with a PhD in philosophy and 93 classes taught at the university level, thought of the worldview in God’s Not Dead.”

We already know, but he begins by saying that this blog is to inform Christians. Remember, that is his stated purpose. The best thing is simply to allow Dr. Fincke’s own words to speak for themselves.

“I write as a former Josh Wheaton to write to all you current or new Josh Wheatons out there to explain in extensive detail what’s wrong with what this movie is telling you.” He begins by calling Christians ignorant. Not a good beginning to attempt to convert someone.

He then quotes Matthew 7:3-5 and says “The logs in these Christian filmmakers’ eyes can probably be seen from space.” Even if you believe this to be true, it should lead with supporting evidence.

“In the real world it is Christian universities that alone in America require of students and faculty that they sign faith statements to attend or teach.” This takes several paragraphs without adding any more information.

This is the “evidence” of hypocrisy? This statement is a lie. Every faculty member of every school has to sign a code of conduct. It is very different from a statement of faith in a Christian University, but it is very much a statement of faith.

The important point is that Dr. Fincke chose to ignore the thesis of the movie and attacks Christianity instead. “… pledge that says ‘God is dead’, I’ve never heard of it. Even if it’s happened, it would be a rare outlier rather than the routine practice of faith statements at various Christian universities. Rare outliers prove nothing about there being an inherent prejudice or persecution of people of faith by secular universities or philosophy professors.”

“Now there is a grain of truth, that the filmmakers misrepresent as a log of hypocrisy,” … “suggests to Wheaton that he may go back to his dorm room ‘sink to [his] knees’ and pray all he wants on his own time and it’s none of his [Radisson’s] business but what goes on in the classroom is his business.”
Once again, where is the hypocrisy in the movie?
“The log in many religious believers’ eyes is that they believe for emotional reasons rather than rational ones. You guys even admit this regularly.”
This is a 12,000 article. However, it is nothing more than a lengthy emotional rant. How sad that he falsely accuses Christians of the very thing he is doing himself.

“Atheists are not misotheists. We don’t hate God. We just don’t believe in God. What some of us hate is that we think Christianity and other religions lie to people, hindering them in their abilities to think for themselves or to think with proper information and make the best decisions for themselves. When we’re mad we’re not betraying that we secretly believe in God. Rather we’re angry with the effects of religious institutions and beliefs we think are harmful. We also may get angry when we hear all the evils that we see praised in the Christian God treated as wonderful things. We assail the deification of traits we have good reason to think are terrible. We assail the perversion of ethics and politics and metaphysics represented by the God concept when we attack it.”

He simply denies the thesis of the movie. However, the movie closes with a list of approximately forty court cases proving his belief to be a lie. I have personally met professors just like Professor Radisson. Dr. Fincke is a hypocrite to deny this.

4 thoughts on “Answering a blog by Daniel Fincke, PhD, on “God’s Not Dead” — Post by Michael J. Findley

  1. Yes, couldn’t agree more, Michael.

    You’re essentially dealing with a quintessential bigot, and a God hater. In spite of his lame attempts to deny that he hates God, he clearly does.

    How often I say this, but it’s worth repeating: Why do atheists spend hours and hours and hours per day on Christian sites? If there is no god, then the true and living God shouldn’t matter to them.

    As far as the harmfulness of Christian institutions, that is clearly Fincke’s paranoia. He, like most atheists lives in dread and terror of the Big Bad Christian Boogeyman that will persecute him, take away his civil rights and cast his family into prison.

    Paranoia – YES. And atheists deny this also. Deny it all they want to, no one spends lots of time blogging about a religion and a God that he doesn’t believe in. At least rational people don’t do that.

    Only the paranoid do so.

    1. Thank you very much Tim Scavo. I particularly agree with ” no one spends lots of time blogging about a religion and a God that he doesn’t believe in. At least rational people don’t do that.”

  2. I attempted to comment on his blog twice. Both times my comments were gone the next day.

    Your comments are there. They just went into moderation automatically for reasons unknown to me and when I checked moderation I approved them.

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