Who Has Abandoned the Scientific Method? — Post by Michael J. Findley

dawkins assumptions bkgrd

Certain people use misdirection when discussing our beliefs and deliberately misstate what we believe. We therefore want to make clear our position on the authority of the Scriptures as God’s Word and how we approach this subject.

  1. Before Isaac Newton, there was no scientific method. He used the theology of the Bible and the orderliness of God’s character and applied those standards to the material world to develop principles that we apply to all fields of science. Christians follow this scientific method faithfully.
  2.  Secularist scientists are the ones who have abandoned the scientific method. Because they have bowed to the pressure of “publish or perish”, there is enough deliberate dishonesty and fraud in scientific journals to warrant abandoning belief in modern science.
  3. The word “believe” in the Bible means to understand. The word “belief” in secularist scientific writing means to trust what cannot be understood. It is modern scientists who have faith in what cannot be understood, not Christians. The scientific method applied to the Bible proves that the Bible is valid and accurate. It was written by the people who claimed to write it at the time they claimed to write it. If you refuse to accept the validity of the Bible as expressed above, then you can know nothing about any fact of history. Thousands of documents validate the Bible including those among the Dead Sea Scrolls. These documents support the truth that It was written by the people who claimed to write it at the time they claimed to write it.
  4. Scientifically, the Bible must be evaluated on its content, statements, and its claims.
  5. Circular reasoning is the realm of the secularist. Assuming present processes were the same in the past, assuming no worldwide flood or recent catastrophic changes , assuming radiometric processes worked in the past as they do today, assuming that there was no change in the way tree rings form – 1 per year—and more assumptions than can be listed here. They use assumptions as the basis for physical examinations and assume they have proved their assumptions. They refuse to examine scientifically valid evidence presented in the Bible.



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