Guest Post: Plethora of Player blog tour Week One: Shawn Lamb introduces Captain Kell


Hello. This week we are in the kingdom of Allon for a series of interviews with those portrayed in Shawn Lamb’s new YA fantasy “The Great Battle”, book 1 of The Guardians of Allon trilogy.

Our first guest is Captain Kell. Thank you for coming, Captain. Tell us a little about yourself.

Well, as Jor’el’s first created being, I took on physical form a little over 2,000 years ago. Jor’el is the Almighty Creator. My primary function is captain of the Guardians.

Two thousand years? How long do Guardians live?

Our spirits are immortal. We take on physical from to facilitate our function in protecting the kingdom of Allon, along with providing guidance and wisdom for the mortals.

Must be interesting for an immortal being to interact with mortals.

Ay, (chuckling) they are peculiar at times, but overall they are pleasant to deal with. I know Avatar finds amusement when interacting with them.


Lieutenant Avatar is my aide. Armus is my second-in-command. Together we form the High Trio overseeing all Guardians. Trios are used to help govern each of the twelve provinces of Allon. Under the three Guardians assigned to the Trio are other Guardians, who help in whatever form is necessary such as a militia for defense or advisors for agriculture.

I assume by your appearance with breastplate and sword that you lead the defense.

I do. I’m of the warrior caste. Guardians serve in various roles. For example, Vidar is the première archer while Hunter is a ranger, one who protects the forest. There are also scholars, vassals and other castes depending upon the tasks needed.

When you learned about this rogue Guardian, how did it affect your relationship with mortals? It’s rumored this Guardian has abused some of them.

Alas, it is no rumor. I’ve witnessed the aftermath. Although it is hard to believe that one created to protect could inflict such abuse. I’m determined to find the one responsible and put an end to it!

I must say, Captain, the look in your golden eyes makes me certain you will do as you say. Are all Guardians’ eyes so intense?

Our eyes were made to be a striking difference compared to mortals. We have the ability to invoke our heavenly senses. So what you see in my eyes is a certainty. The rogue will be dealt with.

What about Dagar? I’ve heard the rogue maybe connected with him. But isn’t he the Guardian assigned to protect Jor’el’s holy throne?

Ay, that is why he was created. Let’s just say Dagar is acting rather uncharacteristic of late. Whether that connection to the rogue is accurate, is what I’m trying to determine.

You sound like you don’t want to believe Dagar is involved.

I don’t. Dagar is my peer, as trusted by Jor’el as me. I consider him a friend thus his behavior and growing animosity towards mortals and his own kind is personally very disturbing. My hope is to convince him to lay aside his trouble and return to duty.

What if you can’t convince Dagar? If he joins this rogue, will you stop him?

Ay! Jor’el help the mortals should war between the Guardians happen. It will leave the kingdom reeling. But I for one would rather go down in battle defending those in my charge than dishonor the Almighty and abandon the mortals. Now I must go. I have called a meeting of the Trio Leaders in hopes of convincing Dagar to change his course.


The Great Battle – Book 1 – Guardians of Allon is currently available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.


Shawn Lamb is an award-winning author of the YA epic series Allon and children’s trilogy “The King’s Children”. To learn more about Shawn and her books visit

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Four authors have joined in this tour: Mary C. Findley, Shawn Lamb, Pamela Funke, and Caryl MacAdoo.

Four authors — twelve characters — one whirlwind tour!

Here’s the tour in a nutshell (or a plethora of nutshells)

Our authors:


Shawn Lamb


Caryl McAdoo


Pamela Funke

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Mary C. Findley

The Schedule

Shawn Lamb — On Elk Jerky For the Soul June 22 – On Pamela Funke’s Wed June 24th – On Caryl MacAdoo’s Friday, June 26.

Mary C. Findley — on Caryl’s Monday July 6 – on Shawn’s Wed 8th – on Pam’s Fri 10th

Caryl – on Shawn’s Mon July 13th – on Elk Jerky Wed July 15th on Pam’s – Friday 17th.

Pam – on Shawn’s Monday July 20 – on Caryl Wed July 22 On Elk Jerky’s – Fri July 24.

Authors may award prizes at their discretion, and we are working up a grand prize package for faithful followers throughout the blog tour!

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