Decisions, Termites, and the Meaning of Words — Post by Michael J. Findley

House destroyed by termites
             House destroyed by termites

“Words have no meaning.” Scalia’s dissenting opinion marks the end of the American dream. It is the triumph of might makes right, also known as the tyranny of the majority (of those in power).

The struggle of good versus evil goes back to the shining one in the garden. The angel of light who walked in the garden god has deceived since the garden of Eden.

In America, at least in the theory of law, words used to have meaning. FDR was enraged that he could not corrupt the courts. Thomas Jefferson was enraged that the courts were corrupt.

But the standards of right and wrong, good verses evil, are not an issue of the courts, law, politics, legislation, or any man-made institution.

God is Good. And any departure from God is evil. Some forms of evil have greater and more far-reaching consequences than others. Stealing a dollar from a wealthy neighbor is still stealing. But the theft of millions of dollars by a greedy government has far greater consequences.

Murdering millions is worse than murdering one person. But even in the case of one person it is still murder.

The rejection of truth because truth does not allow you to commit the sin you want to commit is the evil we all commit. It is the termite of not accepting words for what they mean which destroys any family, society and government.

The return of meaning to words will not begin with the Supreme Court, the White House, or Congress. It must begin with you and me, the individual. The individual builds honesty into the family. The family reinforces the honesty of accepting words for what they mean and builds up the churches. That acceptance of words for what they mean then builds the local, then the state, then the federal governments. It is a series of decisions we make every day, to accept words for what they mean — to accept good and reject evil.

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