The End of Reason — Post by Michael J. Findley

A tangle of cables and wires in Shanghai, China
A tangle of cables and wires in Shanghai, China

Knowledge increases about fifteen percent per year. This flood of information and the ability to access this information has resulted in an almost complete breakdown in the ability to reason. There is more information available today than any time in earth’s history, but what do we do with that information? No one has ever been able to know all the information available to them during their lifetime. But you can, if you so choose, find more information on any subject than anyone could at any time in history.

This has not resulted in greater understanding. People are neither better informed than previous generations, nor are they more grateful for what they have. Instead, the universal attitude is, “Since I can look it up why do I need to remember anything?” With instant access to information, nothing is important enough to study. The two foundations of reason, ‘Is the information true?’ and ‘Is it significant?” are routinely ignored.

Reality has been replaced with a continuous Alice In Wonderland existence where all that is important is ‘am I happy?’ People who do not get what they want immediately throw tantrums. These tantrums include assaulting and killing people who do not gratify their lusts instantly. Instant gratification turns everyone into a god or goddess. No one should be allowed to stand in the way of a deity attempting to gratify her lusts. Give her what she wants immediately or face her wrath.

As Solomon warned us, there is nothing new under the sun.

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