In the Spotlight: The Great Thirst Serial Archaeological Mystery


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Who/What inspired you to begin writing novels?
Been writing since JR high when a substitute teacher encouraged me and I won a creative writing award.

Please tell me in one sentence only, why everyone should read your book.
Read them if you care about attacks on religious freedom, preserving God’s Word, and the persecution facing Christians around the world.

What do you think prepared you or qualifies you to write in your chosen genre?
I am interested in the persecution facing people who share and protect His Word, and have studied archaeology related to the Bible. I have also researched ancient technology and how it makes amazing things possible plus refuting the evolutionary idea of primitive people in ancient times. Plus I know the dangers of secularism and its attacks on truth.

A look at some of Mary’s books!

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The Great Thirst Serial Archaeological Mystery

Why did you write this series?

We have nonfiction books that tell about the dangers of Secular Humanism and the history of people attacking God’s Word, but I hoped this fictional series would allow me to share some of the research and knowledge in a more exciting and interesting fictional setting.

Does your serial include true archaeological finds and events?

The search for the Golden Testaments is fictional. But it parallels true stories of people who have been persecuted and killed for sharing and spreading the Word of God, and trying to protect it. It is also build around true finds like the possible re-discovery of orichalcum, as well as ancient artifacts that produce holograms and the advanced architecture of ancient civilizations.

What ages do you write for?

I write for middle grade all the way up to adult, in most all the genres including nonfiction.

When you are not writing, what do you like to do?

I help hubby with our trucking business as he drives, whether I like to or not. Otherwise I like to draw, make crafts with playdough and fabric, and do digital art.

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