Awkward! But Maybe Better?

We hope soon to migrate to a new website on In the meantime, I was trying to learn how to set up and manage the site elements. One of the things I wanted to do was experiment with a new theme, or layout, for the future site. But, to my great surprise, when my experiment got things rather messy-looking and I wanted to go back to the old version, I learned that the Pilcrow theme we’d used for years here was no longer available. So this theme, Baskerville 2, is going to be the new look for the blog. We will also be changing the name to Findley Family Video to better unify our public presence. Elk Jerky for the Soul was a great name but it almost always had to be explained. We want to keep things clear and simple.

We hope you’ll “pardon our dust” as I figure out how to improve the site’s elements and make things easier to read, understand, and find. Remember, all our old content is still here, and we have both the search box and the ability to look for subjects we’ve written about. Just look down the right side. We hope we’ll soon get things squared away for a move and some great new content.

The books are still linked by genre. They are just all down the right side below the search box, as well as up in the black box below the title. Click on the picture or the genre name and you’ll go to the page where the books are pictured and described.

Scattered throughout the site you’ll find videos, and this is what we’re working on doing more of. We hope to produce 3D animated works based on many of our books and favorite topics. Hang on for the ride! It might be bumpy, but we’re always headed for a place where God will be glorified and you will be taught and delighted!

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