A New Website for a New Year — Post by Mary C. Findley

We are praying for big changes this year for Findley Family Video Publications (FFVP). You can see right here one of them. Elk Jerky for the Soul still exists, but we’ve changed to a website format and tried to come closer to branding ourselves uniformly. Still, many people complimented us on that great name for a blog, so we thought we’d keep it around.

About those changes, now: First, the website has a new name, and a new look and organization. We’d love to hear what you think of it. There will no doubt be some more tweaking to do, but it’s in good shape for now and updated for the first time in awhile. We hope to post blogs more often and get some more content building up.

That will help with our other plans. As you can see by some of the new blog sections, we have hopes of getting our message out in new ways. So, the second change is a commitment to produce audio content. We plan to create audio versions of our books and set up a podcast of our blog posts. Many people lack the time to read abook, but want to listen to good content as they commute, exercise, do household chores, or otherwise carry on with life’s busyness.

The third change is something we’ve been trying to do since the founding of FFVP. That elusive dream of making videos based on our written content is coming closer. We believe the audio content can serve as narration tracks for videos, and will be an important step toward reaching that goal.

Through all this, we’ve worked on ways to make income to provide for ourselves. Many know that Michael is an over the road truck driver. This is a very hard job physically. This summer he suffered a severe kidney infection and stones. A couple of years back he was diagnosed with gout. He is seeing a doctor in February because of breathing problems. We are anxious for him to get off the road and this production of audiobooks may help us toward that goal.

We hope you’ll pray for us as we try to continue to share our message in as many ways possible. Thank you for being faithful followers.

4 thoughts on “A New Website for a New Year — Post by Mary C. Findley

    1. Thanks so much! It’s a struggle, figuring out what to do when you think you’ve got a hopeless mess. Very thankful to have found this theme.

  1. Excellent start! Easy to navigate, very good looking, and friendly in tone. I need to get some changes done to mine also. Thanks for the example.

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