We started a Podcast! Post by Mary C. Findley

If you’ve taken a look around the new website design, you’ve noticed a couple of tabs that don’t have any entries under them yet. One of those is “Podcast.” Most people know what a podcast is. When I started figuring that out, one thing I learned is that content and length vary a LOT. I wanted ours to reflect what Findley Family Video Publications and Michael and Mary Findley are all about.

Our Podcast

So I have finally published our first podcast episode. It comes from the “About Us” tab of the website and follows some of the links provided there to tell you more about what we believe and how we communicate with our books and blog. You can find the link to that post under the Podcast tab. We’d appreciate you taking a listen and giving feedback. We’d like it to be useful to you and that means telling us what you want or need to hear. We’ve got years worth of material just on the blog. We’ll also do book excerpts, maybe reviews for other books, and other topics.

We used Anchor podcasting service, which distributes to multiple online sites. I recorded my content in our little sound booth that we set up in our closet, walls draped in fleece layers, using a Zoom H5 and Behringer mixer and an external mic. It took awhile to get good settings but I think it’s working well. After recording I take it through an editing process with Audacity editing software. I remove annoying mistakes and noises, soften the p’s and s’s, and generally clean things up. I add a little intro music, make sure the quality passes a standards check, and then export as an mp3 file and upload.

In the future we might do interviews, and Michael expects to record as well. Keep listening and see how things go. Here’s the Anchor link. Come have a listen! https://anchor.fm/mary-c-findley

We welcome your comments!

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