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for His Sign: The Wait Is Over
“I think a lot of people will adore this action-filled, speculative book. It’s easy to read… likable … interesting people.”
“This is one engaging and fast-paced novel that you will want to read in one sitting as I wanted to. Life, however, had other ideas and I finished it in two days. But that was a great two days!”
“I never expected such creative fun. The characters are a delight. The story is a creative joy.”
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chasing the texas wind 25
for Chasing the Texas Wind
“I really loved this book, and I am not usually drawn to historical fiction. I loved how the author set up such an intricate story with interesting and well-developed characters, that I felt invested in their story even without knowing a lot about the historical backdrop.
Mary Findley writes scenes that jump off the page. Her descriptions are vivid and well-written. I found myself completely absorbed in the mysteries surrounding Ham and Maeve. Neither of them are the characters they appear to be in the beginning, and as their redeeming qualities emerged, I loved them more and more. I am always impressed when an author is able to weave multiple characters with parellel storylines together as skillfully as Mary does in Chasing in the Texas Wind, leaving no messy stragglers or lose ends behind. I will definitely read more from this author.”
“As I read Chasing the Texas Wind I was reminded why I love historical fiction. Perhaps this genre is my absolute favorite to read and Ms. Findley kept me glued. I loved learning about a time in American History that I have no recollection of studying. Maybe I missed that day. Real people, real events and a fictional romance to tie it all together. Great job!”
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benny 1
for Benny and the Bank Robber
“I love this kind of story because it is like a roller coaster. One minute I’d be thinking, “Oh no!” and the next, “Oh yes, yes!” It was heart wrenching to imagine what Benny was going through, but uplifting to watch the way he grew into his faith, because of those experiences. And it was inspiring to watch as he shared that faith with others and the results of his efforts. There were so many memorable characters, both bad and good. With Benny, there’s no guarantee that the bad guys will stay bad though – he’s a spunky little hero! I really enjoyed this book and will read the next one in the series.”
 “If you are looking for value-based, high moral standards, clean text and an example of how God can work through children (and adults) in a book that will keep you on edge but doesn’t dumb things down then this book is for YOU!”
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COA student teacher 1-5
for conflict of the ages
“Exceptionally well researched and superbly informative as an overview on God’s hand in creation in contrast to the myths and presuppositions of unsound science. You don’t want to miss some of the new revelations concerning Mt. Saint Helen’s. Eye opening, logical, and informative. This should be required reading for every college bound teenager who will certainly face humanism in community college or universities on an unpretentious level to the point of educational absurdity. This runs the gamut on the critical points that show intelligent design exist from the proximity of the sun, level of salt, and the structure of our DNA. Enough said. I can’t wait to dive into volume two.”
for the baron’s ring
“I expected a trite little romance. I read a wonderful, expansive, rich telling of Truth and God’s blessing. Because I serve a truly righteous King myself, it is a joy to see the making of one through his response to horrible trials, followed by the blessing of love… A godly, pure love of joy and discovery. You’ll truly like this tale of royal politics, terrible tragedy, and blessed victory.”
“This is a great book. It has action,adventure,love, God,deception and so much more. I enjoyed it because it was a page turner, made me feel good knowing others were being kind to a stranger. I learned some things from it as well. The characters were very discriptive so you could see them in your minds eye. I felt as if I were there. A very believable story and good humor, too.”
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for What is an Establishment of Religion?
“This is a great book if you want to know the truth about the Christian foundation our country was built on and how secular humanists have eroded and effectively replaced that foundation. The authors share valuable insights about the pilgrims and why they were willing to risk everything for religious freedom. They expose the truth about “the wall of separation” between the church and the state. They give a great overview of the religious nature of the State Constitutions which were never barred from establishing religion by the U.S.Constitution and how states rights were eroded through the years by bad U.S.Supreme Court decisions. From the religious beliefs of the Founding Fathers to the humanistic rants of Thomas Paine, this book fills in the gaping holes left in our historical knowledge by our humanistically dumbed down educational system. I enjoyed it!”
for Hope and the Knight of the Black Lion
“Self-publishing can rise to the occasion, and honestly, Mary Findley is one of those authors who stands a head above the rest in her effort to achieve perfection. For those who love medieval history, the Crusader period in England, all things knights and espionage, everyday estate life, and purity of period detail, you will find an absolute GEM in this story.It’s not a mystery, nor meant to be, when a long-missing son returns from the holy land to beg his father’s forgiveness. Having been to hell and back, Sir Chris has at last found peace with the true Christ, something his father longed for but could not teach a hot-headed young man betrothed to his toddler cousin. Going to war in an exotic land seemed a better choice.Hope and her mother went to live at Colchester after the death of Hope’s father. Colchester is the family estate of Hope’s mother, Ada, and where Hope is schooled by Ada’s brother, the Baron, the father of Hope’s betrothed, Richard, a man twenty years her senior who has been missing for most of Hope’s life and presumed dead by all but his father. When Richard, masquerading as Sir Chris under the herald of a black lion, returns with his Arab brother in heart, Sadaquah, he is framed by another Crusader for the fire that nearly destroys Colchester and his family. Hope, who escaped with the help of her mother, accepts the aid of the Knight of the Black Lion and his surly friend, who has a strange history of his own. Their quest for truth and justice is an action-packed thrill ride, with spot-on period speech and costume that will set you down in thirteenth century England and live the adventure with these daring people.Hope not only learns the secret of her knight-protector, but also the secret of his Samson-like strength, and is able to share it with those who need it most. Allegory, romance, action, this book will provide hours of enjoyment; suggestion: savor, don’t gulp. And read through the enormous, impressive research the author did. This is why I don’t write history but sit at the feet of those who do.”
for Biblical Studies
“The Findley’s took on a massive task and have created an educational resource that is grounded, thorough, well-supported and able to be understood. As a homeschool mom, I’m excited to put this in my curriculum for my son’s junior year. It’s meant to be an adult curriculum, but for upper-classmen, I think it can be comprehended. I appreciate the scientific approach to Creation apologetics, and as a long-time user of Answers in Genesis materials, I was pleasantly surprised to find a few new concepts and validations that I had not come across before.
I appreciate the historical lessons and context given, often showing how ancient religions and mythology pull from Biblical truths or distort them. When a non-biblical illustration is effective to make a point, the Findley’s aren’t afraid to use it. Students are given solid refutations for common arguments against the validity of Scripture, or its scientific/historical/archaeological accuracy. The foundation provided in the units on Creation science, and the History of the Bible parts one and two is solid and concise. The History units answer questions many believers likely have about the nuts and bolts of the Bible, what it covers; its journey from pen to press, and modern translations.
The quizzes are well-crafted and comprehensive. They could be broken down into smaller chunks at the teacher’s discretion, or used as discussion guides. It’s easy to see there are portions of Scripture where the authors are extra passionate and particularly knowledgeable, specifically prophetic passages, and they take great care to break things down understandably and as accurately as possible. I appreciate their attention to detail when it comes to the prophetic, considering the times in which we live. I’d like to see more from the Findleys in the way of breaking down individual books of the Bible. There are a few included with this overview curriculum, and I hope they keep adding more.
A rather large section uses a companion text: The Great Doctrines of the Bible by Rev William Evans, PhD, D.D. There are comprehensive study questions to be used with that book. I don’t have Dr. Evans’ book, so I was unable to review that section. I will say, that I was encouraged to see notes from the Findleys explaining a few differences they have with Dr. Evans, which gives me confidence they have thoroughly examined his book and it’s not just cited as filler. It actually takes a lot of wisdom to defer to Dr. Evans’ book if the Findleys deem it accurate and well-written. It’s a risky choice, but why reinvent the wheel?
There are links to videos that supplement portions of the text. If you don’t have wifi access, the videos are easy to locate through the Findley’s website/youtube channel. Considering the volume of material they cover and knowing a bit about the resources available to them, I found the videos to be useful in illustrating the text and making it easier to remember and understand. Some may compare the Findley’s videos to other Christian studios’ work and I feel that would be an unfair comparison. Mary & Michael and their family have done a fine job illustrating and enhancing this curriculum.
There’s a lot of foundational and historical info here as well as comprehensive breakdowns of several key books, and I’d encourage Christian Education committees to take a close look.”
for Send a White Rose
“The best part of this story for me was the vast array of characters. I was particularly fond of Leah Master’s brother, Randall, and liked his part in solving the mystery of the plot. Though I did not agree with all elements of the Christian Faith presented, overall it worked well with the story and didn’t seem out of place. Setting was good. Overall, an enjoyable read for a few hours of my time.”
for Empire Saga
“I really liked the book. It is actually six very short books put together into one decent-sized book, which would make a good part one of a trilogy. I had read “City On A Hill” a while back and liked it. The basic idea is that when the anti-christian persecution gets really heavy the church escapes off-planet with the Lord’s blessing. You can read about the prophecies pointing to that in Hezekiah 6 & 7. The saga starts with that book, adds Sojourner, and the three parts of the Empire Trilogy. I had started with part one of the empire trilogy, but I never really got it going in my head. Then I found out that “Empire One: Redemption” was part three of the Saga, so I dumped parts 2 and 3 and bought the saga instead.
It’s an intriguing tale with the rapidly degenerating true church as an Empire in space, a Fourth empire of 20th-century-type scientists in hiding, while the Church stands in the despicable splendor of dead religion on the earth. The true believers in the story seem to be on earth, as we see in part one (which is part three of the saga). Of course, there’s non-believers on earth too, but I don’t think I met any of them except for some soldiers and the hidden 4th empire. I would guess that the earth’s corrupt government is empire two, or something like that. There is a lot of truth covered in the story, and it’s well done. Yes, it is all confusing, but then it really is, isn’t it? Have you taken a look at the US in the 21st century?
The people are interesting and well-developed. The problems and issues are realistic, given the shape of civilization at that time. I was sad to discover that the author is a man who believes that it is acceptable to leave the end of a book hanging with little or nothing resolved. I’m hoping there will be a part two of the Saga to tie things up.”
for The Alexander Legacy Series
“… Intrigued. … never read much Steampunk … could not stop reading this little jewel. I cannot wait to see what Ms. Belle has in store for her readers next.”
“Adored the old books …like a reunion of them all. Authors would be proud to see their characters treated with such tactful respect, in a novel that also deals with the same social evils… “
“Fun story … strong Christian references I didn’t expect. I don’t usually read Christian fiction, so I was a bit surprised. The Steampunk/Victorian lit. connection is super fun!”
“Not my usual genre, but I really enjoyed … Unique characters and excellent writing kept me turning the pages. I think this may be a classic unto itself …”
“Favorite characters, young and old, from all around the world, … together with their families … mysterious hotel … I am visually overwhelmed … exciting and there is always something happening on every page.”
“…Wondering what will happen in the next installment … Delightful addition to the body of Christian fiction, and will be a very… fun read for anyone who enjoys that genre.”
“…The inventions are fun, the characters memorable, the mystery engaging and the writing enjoyable. … Illustrated edition full of vintage images and neat little Victorian touches.”
“I even read it … walking to and from work. I kept smiling in disbelief when a new character … someone who I could never see in the company of the others … fall into place and join the company with perfect ease.”
“Cleverly written in Victorian era where characters’ lives cross paths … There the fun begins! … Had me chuckling throughout. The illustrations were great too … added extra flare.”
“Fun mix of characters. Heavy Christian references, … not mentioned in any of the reviews I read. Not sure if I liked that aspect or not, but is a big part of the story.”
Praise for The Pinocchio Factor [Reviews have been edited for length]
From Brad Francis, Author of The Magi Chronicles and The Savvy Demon’s Guide to Godly Living. Check out his blog, where this wonderful endorsement can be read in full:
“I love great stories. In The Pinocchio Factor, Sophronia Belle Lyon gives us a great story. I heartily recommend it. I realize I may be setting the bar of expectations unreasonably high, but if you sit down with this book, sit back and let it entertain and tell its tale, I can’t imagine you being disappointed.”
From LeAnna Shields, author of The Alestrion Chronicles: Slaves Redeemed and the upcoming steampunk book The Clockwork Golem. Her website is and her blog is
“Sophronia you’ve done it again. … Keeps you guessing with a wonderful message of hope woven throughout. Loved getting to know the awkward Oliver a little bit better. Keep it up.”
From Cynthia P. Willow, author of Hell’s Christmas and The Karini and Lamek Chronicles.
“I love that most … have a past that some religious folks would shun. … Orphans, misfits, thieves, and other criminals are accepted, forgiven, and shown mercy and grace … Sophronia’s writing … shows the world what kind of God He truly is.
for Fifty Shades of faithful
“Hang on to your Bibles and your sense of humor, but check your inhibitions at the door. This is not your grandmother’s marriage manual. It is a daring, often humorous but nonetheless sobering exploration of a variety of hard-hitting relationship issues ranging from intimacy to abuse. Using the vehicle of fiction and embracing a literal interpretation of the sizzling Song of Solomon, Mary C. Findley delivers a wild ride, some parts of which may jolt a bit, like straight talk often does.
“This entertaining collection of stories revolves around the adventures of Sam and Vivian Tucker, a blissfully unorthodox Christian couple whose quick thinking, devotion to each other and unconventional approach to life in general and marriage in particular draw them time and again into the worlds of the troubled individuals who cross their path. The first installment is sure to stir controversy, shedding new light on the biblical notion of “making sport” with one’s spouse (as in the case of Isaac and Rebecca)”
“stories that celebrate the Godly institution of marriage. As a marriage counselor in training, books like these make me want to do back flips! This is the kind of thing to get excited about! If you’re married, this is a must-read. Why? Because it talks about sex! That’s right! SEX! But not in a perverted or graphic way. Findley does an excellent job with these short stories; each one having its own issue that a lot of marriages face: adultery, abuse, fornication, selfishness, and more. And to add to those issues, these stories have a mixture of surprises. You will laugh, you might cry, but you will definitely turn the pages. And if you’re like me, you’ll be asking Findley when the next installment will be out. The Christian literary world needs more books like these! Marriage can and should be fun! All marriages will have trials, but there is hope! Do yourself a favor and grab this book.”
for the Ephron the Hittite series
“Michael J. Findley creates a believable story about the origins of the famous, yet elusive, Hittite people from a creationist, young-earth world-view. He describes the daily life and customs of his characters in interesting detail based on careful research. Mind you, these are not the descendants of brutish cave-dwellers fresh out of prehistory.”
“I enjoyed this book. It was interesting to read. It takes place a few hundred years after the Flood in Genesis and it really brings out what it was might have been like to live back them. I really enjoyed the book.”
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 for The Great Thirst Serial Archaeological Mystery
 “Love the archaeological dimension. Extremely interesting. Challenged me to remember to live my life so that Christ’s love can be seen through me. Can’t wait to read the next 2 in the series!”
 “I just LOVE how Keith and Talia interact/square off against the trouble making parents. A book worth reading and one that will be staying in our family library. The writing is clean and you can let your child read this without having to be concerned over the content! There is a lot of history incorporated and kids will be gripped. “
More Amazon reviews here:
for The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: A Reader’s and Writer’s Guide for Believers
“A Timely Message”

“I just finished revising three Christian poetry collections and as I was reading this book I was considering things that I had written in my own book. Was I staying true to Scriptures and many more questions I asked myself as I was reading it “The Good, the bad, and the Ugly” Is a book I highly recommend to anyone looking to write Christian books. I feel it offers sound Biblical advice and would be a benefit to many authors. There is no sugarcoating in this book in my opinion and I welcomed that and was refreshed by it. Reading this book I feel will help me with my fourth collection which is in the process.

I also appreciate the many scripture references in this book.”

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carrie 5 6 2017 25
for Carrie’s Hired Hand
“Well this story was a complete surprise. I love civil war stories and this on held the suspense of a good one. My only sorrow was that is wasn’t a longer read. If I say too much I’ll likely give away the story, and it needs to be read and appreciated. Beautiful!!”

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  1. Thanks for the reply. I thought it might be something like that because it was not characteristic of the books you have published.


  2. Hi, Mary. Chaplain Jim from El Paso here. Just read “The Claim” by Kevan Borgan and yourself. The story line was captivating but it was read with some difficulty because it is
    replete with typographic errors and poor grammar. It was badly in need of editing. My wife, Paula, and I do the editing for books that our friend, S G Alexander, writes. When the story is coming into her mind she begins to write as quickly as she can and, in that process, ends up with a lot of errors. Paula goes through each manuscript twice and then gives it to me for the final edit. It is amazing how your mind misses things. It is a lot of work.

    1. Hi, Jim. I did the cover for “The Claim”, but I did not have anything to do with the writing. You can contact Kevin and let him know you are able to help. 🙂

      1. Yes, there are other books I did covers for that show up in searches as mine. The author must have done something odd when he/she filled in the blanks. Thanks for that kind observation. I really try to put out clean work. Is your wife interested in joining a facebook editing group? I can’t promise business but it might help her.

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