Billy Graham: “The Jehoshaphat of our Generation”

24 November 2011 Source Wikimedia Commons Public Domain I read a book by this title about forty years ago and it is still the best description of Billy Graham. The problem is that Christians know so little of the Word of God that name Jehoshaphat does not mean anything to them. Jehoshaphat became King … Continue reading Billy Graham: “The Jehoshaphat of our Generation”

What Is Our Responsibility?

What is our responsibility? What does God expect of us when He says "preach the Word" or "preach the Gospel"? When we are faithful and obedient to preach God's Word, we will either be accepted or rejected. As in the parable of the sower, the Gospel will be received different ways. When the Gospel is … Continue reading What Is Our Responsibility?

The Conflict of the Ages

Every good writing teacher tells us to narrow our topic because the sure sign of a novice is a paper entitled "The Universe and Everything in It." Yet The Conflict of the Ages can rightfully include every thought every man has ever made. Augustine's City of God, John Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion and … Continue reading The Conflict of the Ages