The Camel’s Complaint: A Christmas Puppet Play

Our Christmas gift to all: A puppet play I wrote some years ago. Merry Christmas! The Camel's Complaint Characters: Caliph the Camel Hannah the Horse Daniel the Donkey Lucius the Lion Ollie the Ox Sarah the Sheep Scene One| Setting: Desert oasis. Palm trees, green plants such as aloe, yucca, water hole off to side. … Continue reading The Camel’s Complaint: A Christmas Puppet Play

All Glorious Within

Psalm 45 is a beautiful passage of Scripture. It describes a king which certainly seems to be the Messiah, Jesus Christ. In verse nine it begins to talk about women, and there are lessons for Christian women and their earthly relationships with men and others in the descriptions found here. First, though, we witness the … Continue reading All Glorious Within