Christmas 2011

 South Tulsa Baptist Church

We spent Christmas in Tulsa, Ok. We spent a lot of time with our daughter, and went to Chili’s for lunch yesterday with her and my Aunt and Uncle. We went to my Aunt and Uncle’s church, South Tulsa Baptist Church for communion last night. There were well over a thousand people there. They had a brass choir for a prelude which ended about 10 minutes before the service started. That was followed by a brief video of why we need Christmas, beginning with creation and including a lot of Hubble space shots. The music was great and the Pastor announced that they had raised $10,000 for food for the local rescue mission. He publicly thanked all who volunteered so that all the money went to buy food instead of to pay overhead. We then went over to my Aunt and Uncle’s house and saw my cousin, her husband and their children. On our way back to our motel room, we looked at Christmas lights. One house with 40,000+ lights had them blink in sync with Christmas music played over a local radio station.

Tulsa Bible Church

This morning we went with our daughter to “her” church, Tulsa Bible Church. It is a smaller church, around one thousand, and the service was also very good. We actually sang the Nicene Creed to the tune of a Christmas Carol. We’ve never done that before. We are always somewhat concerned when we visit a new church, but we were greatly blessed and thankful for the preaching of the Word of God. We then ate, changed clothes, went over to my cousin’s house to say good bye and left as she was attempting to feed the mob at her house.

We are now at a Christmas buffet at a Petro. Pie!

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