Guest Post by Helmy Kusuma

I belong to a Facebook page called Indie Writers Unite! As part of our “membership,” we share blog space with the other writers in the group in something called “blog hops.” Today Helmy Kusuma has the floor. Welcome, Helmy!

I am Helmy Kusuma and a writer from Indonesia. I mostly write in English, though. My background in IT has played a major role on that, beside, of course, my fondness of English as one of rich languages to convey meanings.

I started writing seriously as a career about two years ago. Seriously in the meaning that I dedicate my time on finishing a title that beg to be written, and not, at least for the time being, enjoying financial freedom from it.

I have written two novellas, one is written in Indonesian language while the other one is, obviously, in English titled Mementoes of Mai. Mementoes of Mai is a non-fiction fiction – fiction that based largely on non fiction, my own life experiences that is – that foretells the story of a young man, me, who faces a fork, love or passion, in his journey and has to decide which way to take.

I have also collaborated with other authors in producing a flash fiction anthology, A Flash of Inspiration. It was a tremendous experience for me to be able to work side by side, err email by email, with various writers from England and America. Oh yeah, it’s free.

Inverta: The Truth is the title of my coming science fiction novel, hopefully will be finished by mid 2012, which dwells in the vicinity of parallel dimension and what-if scenario. There Is Hope is my first attempt at writing science fiction, and I was immersed deeply in writing it making me decide to write a longer one.

If you want to know more about me just contact me through these venues :




Twitter @hanzpk

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