Cogsworth, Lumiere, and Mrs. Potts, in full “Be Our Guest” mode, from the stage show of Beauty and the Beast at Walt Disney World. It was a great show!

Our journey in self-publishing, or indie-publishing, or whatever it is that we do, has recently begun to include the concept of guest-posting. This is when another blogger, usually another writer or avid reader, offers space on his or her blog to others to write. This is a great opportunity for both bloggers, because we have different followers and can reach a wider audience and promote each other.

So far we have only had one guest-poster, as part of a reciprocal agreement with the Indie Writers Unite Facebook page I belong to. But folks should keep in mind that if you submit a blog to use on a topic that fits our site, we will pay you $25 when we post it.

Here are some guest blogs we have done lately and a couple still to come. This gives us a chance to give an extra shout-out to those who help with the hardest part of writing: Promotion.

Nicole Storey’s just went up today. Benny and the Bank Robber and Doctor Dad. It looks wonderful! Thank you, Nicole!

Interview for Vienta (Sorry, old cover, but same book) with Karen Baney. Thank you again, Karen!

Rom Con, scroll down the page for Send a White Rose (with the “New, New” cover, formed by a committee of great suggestions):

Awhile back, we had some interviews for Hope and the Knight of the Black Lion. Thank you again, Angela Fristoe, Spencer Brokaw, David Wisehart of Kindle Authors and Rachel.

And coming soon, so I’ll give a thank you ahead of time, Marji Lane, on The Baron of Larcondale. She promises to include pictures of actors who might play my main male when it’s made into a movie. Can’t wait!

Also coming soon, on the blog of Athansios Galanis, an interview on our Christian perspective, Homeschool curriculum, and our own homeschooling adventures! Can’t wait to see it!

We also have an ad running on WoMen’s Literary Cafe this week, for Vienta. Check it out, on the left side. Next week they will run an ad for our blog. I’m also an “official” reviewer for that site. I will post reviews of books that fit our audience, if I can manage to pick the right books to read.

We welcome your comments!

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