For Such a Time As This

Hadassah is an Israeli-American prepared for much more than just high school and hanging out. Her family follows Jesus Christ and looks forward to the Second Coming as earthquakes rock New York. World events, especially a rise in the number of kidnaps, and the special targeting of the types of victims, point to the end times. Some of the beliefs presented in this book about the end times and about the gifts God is using in His Church are not my beliefs, but there is an old saying, “good men can differ.”

The book covers the formation of the Revelation Special Ops, the “Elite of the Weak” of the title. The name comes from I Corinthians 1:27, God using the weak to confound the mighty. Weak also means meek, and the team’s mission is to create servants of God who combine the best of humility and strength for the task. The way they respond to the expected and unexpected situations in which they find themselves is very impressive.

I liked the fact that members and trainees range in age from Hadassah, who joins around age seventeen, to others in their forties. I also liked the fact that this book is filled with Scriptures and prayers, as well as danger and adventure trying to locate and rescue kindnapped family members and others. Hadassah’s amazing and unintentional “dry run” in Africa proves her mettle, though all the members bring skills, plus the need for further training, to the team.

My favorite character was Hadassah’s mother. I want her on my side in a crisis, and every day, in fact.

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