How Do I Fit In?


Henrietta Hexagon and the Triangles (Children's Picture Book, A story for kids about adoption, family, and shapes)

Review of Henrietta Hexagon and the Triangles by Mandi Tillotson Williams (link to her facebook page)

My kids are all in their twenties, but I have been a teacher, homeschooler and mom so I feel qualified to comment on this clever and fun children’s book. It deals with adoption and “fitting in,” and when you are a shape, that’s more than just an adorable pun.

Henrietta is adopted by a big family of triangles. Mom, dad and four kids. That’s important, but why is a secret you’ll have to learn by reading the book. The illustrations are sweet and bright. Henrietta’s search for “hexagons like her” is a little sad and just a tiny bit scary but still amusing and entertaining. She thinks she has failed by the time she drags herself home. Little does she know …

My husband and I were stuck at a Verizon store for quite awhile trying to get our aircard fixed. A man was there trying to get his account straightened out and also manage his two small girls. I was so glad I had this book on my Kindle Fire to show them. They enjoyed it (at least the one who could talk did) and I know other children, parents and teachers will as well. It’s a wonderful storybook cleverly written and illustrated.


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