Nehemiah, LLC is live! Sci Fi with a hard edge and a little romance, only 99 cents!

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“Goats give milk?” asked Anthony. “And since you imported everything from Earth, why do you have weeds?”

Joan just stared at Anthony for a few seconds, then said, “Follow me.” She led him past a stone shed, then up to a cooler. She reached into the cooler and poured liquid into a small cup.

“What’s this?” asked Anthony.

“Goat’s milk,” replied Joan.

“I figured that. I mean the container,” said Anthony.

“It’s a paper cup,” said Joan.

Anthony drank the goat’s milk, then looked at the cup.

“That’s rather good. Now, what’s paper?” asked Anthony.

“It comes from tree pulp,” said Joan. “We use it because you can easily recycle it afterward. Most of the park system has trees — over a thousand different kinds.”

She took the cup from him and tossed it into a canister labeled ‘paper recycle’.

“Before you start in on me,” said Anthony, “I had nothing to do with this project. I’ve spent my whole life studying formulas and their applications. I was just low man.”

“Did you just admit to me that you don’t know what you’re doing?” asked Joan.

“Now wait a minute,” said Anthony. “That’s not exactly what I meant.”

“So what do you mean?” asked Joan. “We’ll just start over. Hi, my name’s Joan, Life Support Division Liaison to Engineering Division.”

“Ok, ok,” said Anthony. “We’re supposed to work together.”

“We’re supposed to ensure that our teams work together,” said Joan. “There is an adequate amount of technical communication between the divisions. We are supposed to soothe ruffled feathers, make certain everyone is happy, all the goals are met on time, and all schedules mesh.”

“Wow,” said Anthony. “Um, yeah. Aren’t I supposed to be the geek and you’re just a life sciences farm girl?”

“Our jobs, at this time, are to be political science diplomats,” said Joan.

“Ok. Can I have some more goat’s milk in a paper cup?” asked Anthony.

“You’re forgetting something,” said Joan.


“Please,” said Joan.

“Oh, yeah, well please, then,” said Anthony.

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