Christian Book Reviews — At Least a Little Romance in every One!

“Faith and Victory Require Searching with Heart and Sword”

This review is from: The Weapons of Warfare (The Center Circle Chronicles) by Steve Biddison

What does Landru need to free his world from his conquering foe? Where can he look for allies when those he depended on shake his trust to its core? Will a journey to the Great Pyramid and Stonhenge give him the teacher he needs to understand his faith? Who will fight with him when the only army he has left is trapped on another world, in another time?
The Center Circle continues to promote division rather than unity in the second installment, but Landru and Brenna grow in understanding and maturity. The Weapons of Warfare are only part of what Landru has to search for, and Biddison’s success in this book is more in teaching readers how to deal with limitations than in tidily resolving all the problems. Not everything that was lost is found. Not everything that was broken is fixed. But the hope he gives as things begin to come together keeps the reader going.
There are no tidy resolutions, but that’s what Book Three is for, I think. In the meantime, just as our faith grows and our battles go on, the Center Circle characters show us glimpses of hope that we. too, can find victory through faith.

“Knock You Off Your Feet Events!”
This review is from: VOICES (The David Chance Series) (Kindle Edition)
I love the setup of this story. I want to imagine that there’s a government agency that takes an interest in where people get guidance and direction from. Agent Collins is my favorite character. He reminds me of Agent Phil Coulson in the Avengers. Such an ordinary guy with an extraordinary job. He needs to sort out the differences between the messages of David Chance and the voices of Jonathan Blake. He needs to know who to listen to, who’s helpful and who’s harmful. He wants to deal with fact, even as he talks about extraterrestrials.
David Chance learns some stunning lessons about who to trust and who really cares for him. Jonathan Blake learns the hard way that a special gift might not be a good gift, and there are lessons about trust for him too. The food box is absolutely priceless! Both of the books in this series have these knock you off your feet events that you won’t want to miss.

“Not Just a Chick Lit Romance”

This review is from: Nadia’s Hope by Lisa Buffaloe
I especially loved that this story included the point of view of the male main character, David. It showed so clearly how secrets, however painful and innocently-kept, can really cause misunderstandings. I loved Ellie, too, and her lifetime of adventures. The secondary characters really rounded out the story.

“Learning a Father’s Lesson from Thousands of Miles Away”

This review is from: Lord’s Love (Cottonwood) by Sophie Dawson

The choice St John Lytton’s father gives him seems like a lose-lose situation. Even when he thinks he’s found an easy path with old acquaintances, he learns his father’s got a deeper plan. Culture shock doesn’t stop him from trying to have a little fun. But that’s when he begins to understand the seriousness of his situation. Will he risk losing his livelihood, home and heritage? And is it possible he still doesn’t understand what his father really wants from him? Could it be the beautiful girl he first pursued for fun is trying to teach him the same lesson? And if he doesn’t get it this time, will anything he’s planned or tried to accomplish really matter?

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