It’s Officially a Series! COA2: The Origin of Evil in the World that Was Is Here!

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Shake up your personal study, homeschool curriculum, or Sunday School discussions. This ebook series includes teacher and student editions with review questions and answer keys. Each book in the series includes the illustrated Chapter Fourteen from Antidisestablishmentarianism — Scientific evidences from around the world that will make you scratch your head if you’re a uniformitarianism “believer”. Only a hundred or so pages in each book, but they pack a lot in a little space.  And each one is only 99 cents.

Conflict of the Ages Part One: The Scientific History of Origins

Do you have questions about how the world began? Of course not. Science has all the answers in “The Big Bang”, “Deep Time”, and especially evolution. Even the major world religions agree on this topic, don’t they? Even Christian churches are preaching “Day Age” theories that fit in with millions or billions of years.  But do they really have all the answers? Is there a witness to the dawn of the world, to the whole universe, in fact? Are there echoes of that witness in ancient evidence from all around the world?  Is there scientific proof that the world may not have been around all those billions of years — maybe only thousands of years? Come along for a look at the evidence you might never have considered, because you never got a chance. Because nobody told you the truth — That there IS such evidence. This isn’t a massive work of thousands of pages. Just about a hundred. You can spare the time.

Teacher Edition for COA1:

Student Edition for COA1:

Conflict of the Ages Part Two: The Origin of Evil in the World that Was

We don’t know anything about the world before the Great Flood of Noah, or do we? We’re told that God made everything “very good”, so how did evil come into being? Is God to blame, is He just uncaring, or is He helpless to stop it? Is “original sin” real or just a myth? Could man talk to animals? There might be myths around the world that echo the creation story, but did ancient people believe in the fall of angels? When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, what did it mean that “their eyes were opened”? Who were “the Sons of God”?

Teacher Edition for COA2:

Student Edition for COA2:

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