Update August 27, 2013 — Post by Michael J. Findley

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To our loyal readers I humbly apologize. For nearly a year I have worked on the next module of our Conflict of the Ages Series The Conflict of the Ages Part Three: They Deliberately Forgot–The Flood and the Ice Age.
During that time I wrote a fiction book, Nehemiah LLC, and took a Christmas break. I have finished COA3 now and it is now in the first step of editing. Then it will be sent out for outside vetting before it is published, by the grace of God, by Christmas time.
The past two months were devoted to finishing this work, which meant neglecting everything else, including this blog. I will attempt to write several during the next few days.
Let me ask one question, please. We are making a module (COA6) which we a calling a “workbook” as a companion to the Introduction, Antidisestablishmentarianism, through the COA5 module, which will cover ancient world literature. It will include grammar, vocabulary, mathematics problems such calculating the volume of the Ark, biology and composition ideas. Is “Workbook” the best possible title? Workbook for elementary level textbooks means many grade-specific problems with spaces to write in short answers. Our workbook will be nothing like that. It will be far more open-ended, with a large number possibilities given in the teacher’s edition. For example, since we do not know how many animals were on the Ark, we can constantly change the variables to calculate the needs of the animals. Which answer is the most reasonable? Why?
These questions are designed to make teachers, as well as students, think. While we do want students to think with open-ended questions, there are right and wrong answers. The Flood is an historical event. Noah, his wife and family were historical people. But your studies might allow for lively arguments on how you define a “panther” in the list of animals taken on board the ark. Does anyone have a better word for our title than “Workbook?” At this point in time, that is the best title we can think of. In fact, we will have a contest, with the prize being free ebook files of the first two Conflict of the Ages modules. Enter by commenting here on this post or email to ffvp56@yahoo.com and we will choose what we think is the best name suggestion and award the cleverest namer. We look forward to your suggestions!

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