Let God Be True, and Every Man a Liar — Post by Michael J. Findley

god be true verse
We live in an age where man is not only the measure, but men sit in judgment on God. People think that God just doesn’t measure up to their standard of right and wrong, so of course their progressing, evolving standards judge God.

While this attitude is nothing new, and goes back at least as far as Nimrod, when this attitude seizes political power, those who disagree with these tyrants are marked for destruction. The Voice of the Martyrs website has a lengthy list of those marked for destruction.

The problem is that America has become a nation of Hezekiahs. We see the judgment of God approaching, but we are satisfied with peace and safety in our time, believing that God’s judgment is sometime in the future and will not touch us.

galatians and hosea

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