Did You Notice?

aggressive lioness

We hope you like the redesign of our blog. Yes, in some ways it looks a lot like the old design. The header is the same. The books run down the sides. The blog posts run down the middle.

But, wait, the “tabs” are different, aren’t they? Instead of a long list of random features, we now have six topics you can click on. We hope these will help people find out about us and our books more easily.

We also made our book links smaller, those that run down the left and right sides of the blog, but you can still read a short description and go straight to Smashwords or Amazon. Besides that, we added the tab, “Books by Genre” which will take you to pages sorting our books into types and giving you more information about each title. Another new tab is called “reviews”, and you can go there to see what people are saying about the books, rather than just hearing what we have to say about them.

The tab that might be the most confusing is “COA”. That is our abbreviation for the Conflict of the Ages project. Click there and you’ll see our “magnum opus”, our attempt to create homeschool curriculum covering “the world and all that’s in it”. This is an ongoing project. It began with Antidisestablishmentarianism, which was supposed to be just an introduction, and has two modules finished so far. Number three, “They Deliberately Forgot: The Flood and the Ice Age”, is in the review process, and updates will be made there as time goes on.

If you’re less interested in the books and more interested in the blog itself, the list of all the blog posts is also still up there in the header. If you’d like to search for a post or a topic, we have added two new ways to do that. One is the “search the site” function on the left above the Smashwords book links. Type in “I hate religion” and you’ll get the post about Jefferson Bethke and his viral video. Type in secular humanism and … well … You’ll get a lot of posts, since that’s the main topic we talk about.

On the right side, above the Amazon links, you’ll see “Categories”. Here you can see how we’ve organized the posts in the blog based on the main subject a post was about. You can use this just to see what we wrote about in one of those categories, or to search for a post that you “kinda remember what it was about”, but can’t quite find it.

Please let us know what you think about these new features. We are anxious to help people find what they’re looking for and to make your visit to our blog a more pleasant and profitable time. We can’t guarantee you’ll like everything we say, but we do hope we’ve made it easier to make your way around.

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