The Age of the Earth: The Burden of Proof


Like everyone, I fail to completely live up to my principles. One of my principles which I have done much better at keeping is to not discuss evolution. Believers in evolution have chosen to believe and nothing I can do will change that belief.

However, I constantly display the evidence for a young earth. Without enormous amounts of time, evolution is impossible. So, without discussing evolution, a scientific examination of the facts shows that God creating the universe is the only possibility.

Believers in vast amounts of time have two and only two foundational points for their belief system. The first is radiometric dating and the second is an unwavering belief that processes acted differently in the past than they do today. This is exactly the opposite of what they claim, that “the present is the key to the past.” This article has a very brief list of processes which today are very rapid (hours to months). Yet uniformitarians believe that these same geologic processes, when unobserved, took thousands to millions of years.

Very few people today understand that Radiometric dating is both the foundation of modern uniformitarianism and requires a belief in the unknown.
All forms of Radiometric Dating require knowledge of three things which cannot be known; 1) the original condition of the sample, 2) if anything altered the sample in any way at any time since it was originally formed and 3) did the decay rate change at any time? Radiometric dating is scientifically examined in detail by the ICR RATE team and their books handle the material very well. A good starting point is the book Thousands, Not Billions, general editor Donald DeYoung.

The rate of known processes is much easier to grasp. The following list of existing, known processes must have been different in the past if the earth is millions or billions of years old. In each of these examples, a known process which can be observed, measured and duplicated today in seconds, minutes, hours, days or at the most, weeks or months, is assumed by uniformitarians to take millions of years when the evidence is not observed. Yes, the results of the evidence is observable, but not the process. The observable processes in the following list are all known.

Ice cores have layers of alternating light and dark layers. These layers are assumed be annual layers and are used to date ice in published scientific journals.

A squadron of P-38s made an emergency landing on a glacier in Greenland on July 15, 1942, where they were abandoned. They were found on 1998. They flowed over two miles with the glacier and were buried in 268 feet of ice. That is an average of about 188 of glacier flow per year and about 5 and 1/2 feet of ice per year. Though no ice core was taken and individual layers counted, pictures were taken which show the individual layers to be similar to other Greenland Ice Cores. Also, the men who descended down to the plane testified that there were hundreds of layers.

If (assumption) the thickest ice sheet in the world, Terre Adelie in Antarctica, formed at the same rate, it could be formed in just over 2,500 years.

The Lincoln Memorial was built between 1914 and 1922 over land formerly at the bottom of the Potomac River. Stalactites and stalagmites have formed beneath the stairs in the period since the construction was completed (less than 100 years at the time of this writing). These stalagmites were over 5 feet in the 1960s, which is a growth rate of more than a foot per decade.

Providence Canyon in Georgia, sometimes called “Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon”, is 1100 acres of canyons carved out by erosion since the early 1800s. Though much smaller than the Grand Canyon, it is still one of the largest canyons in America.

All of the following are commercially produced products which are produced and are being mass-produced today under the proper conditions. The proper conditions are usually the correct starting materials, enough heat and enough pressure. The proper amount of time varies, depending on what is produced, but is usually a few hours to a few weeks. The tremendous heat and pressure needed to make these transformations not only do not need vast amounts of time, but longer periods of time under extreme pressure with extreme temperatures actually cause the laboratory-produced products to break down. The Federal Trade Commission requires that these products be labeled “laboratory produced” because they are identical to geologically produced. “Laboratory produced” distinguishes products from artificial products which are used in place of geologically produced but are chemically different. These laboratory processes are observable, verifiable and repeatable. In other words, they are produced through scientific processes.

Laboratory-produced diamonds and other gemstones can be produced hours, for diamond coatings on glasses, to months, for jewelry quality gemstones of several carats. The quality is good enough that producers of geologically produced gemstones, such as De Beers, are seeking laws against laboratory-produced gemstones.

Commercial laboratory coal production was developed in Germany in 1910 and powered the German war machine in WWI. The switch to oil in the 1920s and 1930s, combined with the cheap mining of geologic coal, have virtually shut down commercial laboratory coal production. There are many Youtube videos on how to convert wood to coal for personal use.

Laboratory-produced petrified wood makes up most, perhaps all, of the commercially available petrified wood (used in in jewelry).

Laboratory-produced fossils have been available for over 100 years, but it is only in the last 15-20 years that the quality level improved to the point that they can deceive experts. Several laboratory-produced fossils from China were discovered in the National Geographic collection in 2011/12.

Laboratory-produced petroleum is still far too expensive to be used in place of geologic petroleum for a fuel. It can be produced without sulfur, so it is in high demand as a lubricant and specialty applications.

Like petrified wood, laboratory-produced geodes supply most of the demand for jewelry.

Laboratory-produced stone, especially granite, can be formed into any shape. Geological stone is still used in areas where it is cost effective.

Ice cores, Providence Canyon formation, stalagmites, and laboratory-produced products are all observed and conditions can be reproduced to duplicate these items. This is science. Actually the production part is technology.

The point is that uniformitarians have the burden of proof to prove why they believe the geologic processes, which have never been observed, take millions of times longer than the observed processes.

4 thoughts on “The Age of the Earth: The Burden of Proof

  1. Keep up the good fight of faith and science. Great men in history, great Christian scientist were never at odds with how the world was and how things work. Enjoy your blog very much.

  2. And it’s just so much darn fun to realize that God made a creation to develop friends and a bride. A quick 7,000 years and then He’ll make the real thing. It’s so exciting!

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