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 This is an early version of a snippet from my NaNoWriMo Work in Progress — “What will You Die For?”

“Miz Rodriguez, you should totally do this.” Jayna blew on her hands as they watched the kids file into the buses.

“But Jayna, they want to collect people’s Bibles. I mean take them away. Would you give them your Bible?” Keith asked.

“I totally would, Mr. Bradley. They’re saying the stuff I underline and my notes are just as important as fancy commentaries and famous preachers. They want everybody’s ideas and thoughts that they write in their Bibles. Won’t it be cool? I could help some sister a thousand years from now understand the Bible better!”

Talia looked up at Keith. Everyone shivered as another icy blast blew through the bus parking lot. “Mr. Bradley, did you ask your grandmother about letting them use her Bible? What did she say?”

“I … I did ask her.” Keith looked across the street toward the rundown building where his grandmother had her apartment. “She said this whole thing sounded like the Mark of the Beast to her. She said she would never give up her Bible.”

“Jayna, go get on the bus. I can’t drive you home again,” Talia ordered.

“The Mark of the Beast?” Jayna ran a few steps toward her bus but turned back “That’s crazy. This is a good thing, Mr. Bradley. This is gonna make history! You tell her not to be old-fashioned.”

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