Cover Samples and other graphics I Can Do — by Mary C. Findley

I can make you a pretty nice book cover using the large number of stock images, textures, and fonts that I own. I can apply metallics, leathers, fabrics, stone — some very cool backgrounds, text, and objects. If you wish to use an image I don’t have or can’t find for free, you can purchase it and send it to me, so that you own it, not me.

did we win 10

I made this sample with free images I found at various online sites. The background is flames, and the title is a photo of a broken window I applied as a texture. I have quite a few “free” people I can use.

I can provide an ebook cover that meets the larger file size requirements of iTunes and Amazon, in jpg and tiff formats. The one shown above and the others on this blog are 10% of their actual size, and all my covers are 300 DPI so that they look their best and translate into print covers without a problem.

I can also make full print covers to CreateSpace specifications and give you a jpg to show off and a pdf to upload to CreateSpace.

chasing print 10

This print cover also uses free images, and the font is a metallic texture using several different fonts to achieve the best effect and fitting the words together. This print cover is also 10% of the full size.

My cover package includes ebook, print book, bookmark, and a facebook cover (an image you can upload to facebook on your author or regular page) that includes your book(s) and a small amount of text with a complementary background.

latest mike author fb cover 50

This is a sample facebook cover at 50% actual size, incorporating a 2-D book image, an appropriate background for the book’s subject, and a quote from the text. Facebook does not permit links at this time.

various graphics for authors

You can also request a Twitter cover, 3D images of your books included in your graphics, and ad graphics to promote your books for an additional charge.

ebook covers for others

Here are some of the ebook covers I’ve done for clients.

print covers for others

Here are some of the print covers I’ve made for other authors.

Check out my pinterest board of cover designs for others.

2 thoughts on “Cover Samples and other graphics I Can Do — by Mary C. Findley

  1. I’m one satisfied customer and highly recommend Mary’s detailed work. She is super responsive and talented. Frankly, I don’t know how she does it, but she puts together a professional and artistic cover everytime! “You have me word on it and under the cover.”

    From Stan Bednarz, award winning author of Miracle on Snowbird Lake.

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