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Nat Davis is an independent contractor for the publishing industry, involved in the process from start to finish. In the beginning, she is the sounding board for ideas; in the end, she helps define a marketing program centered around your needs. While she is ready to offer help where needed, there are a few specific areas where her expertise really shines.

This forms the bulk of her work. She checks for two main areas-
     Grammar- the typical proofing edit, which checks for typos, sentence structure, spelling, etc
     Style- this checks the structure of the book, including flow, descriptions, continuity, and other important factors
Although she is branching out into physical marketing, most of her marketing expertise lies in social media marketing. She regularly keeps up to date on the constant changes for Facebook and the best times to post to Twitter. She is also familiar with various customization options for profiles, such as tabs for Facebook. She is also familiar with websites and SEO and how to use algorithms to your advantage.
“Some people are born storytellers, not writers.” If you have a story you’re burning to tell, but can’t write worth a darn or don’t understand how to put it all together, Nat Davis can write it for you! She has written close to 300 works to date, including business articles, marketing tips, academic literature, fiction stories, personal profiles, memoirs, and more.
Each project is defined for the needs of the client. For a free consultation, she can be reached by email or through her Facebook page.
Nat Davis can be reached at-

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