Confronting Cancel Culture

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For a long time I didn’t really know how to begin to express my thoughts on this “new” phenomenon of Cancel Culture. So many of my believing friends have expressed outrage and intent to boycott over the latest example, that of Gina Carano being fired from the cast of The Mandalorian on Disney +. I’m glad to hear that Carano landed on her feet and will begin working on a film project with the Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro’s media organization. Good news.

The Child from The Mandalorian cropped and reduced from image at WTHR News 2019 Fair Use from Wikipedia

We do love our celebrities, particularly actors and actresses. I was a fan of the Mandalorian. Not gonna deny it. I was also a fan of Carano. Her no-nonsense portrayal of a strong woman who did her job was great. She also didn’t play the feminist card. She was just good at what she did, with no chip on her shoulder because of a glass ceiling. I liked that about the show; that the women cast members were just people, not treated differently because of it. Everybody wanted to cuddle Baby Grogu as as much as they wanted to fight to protect him.

Cover of Antidisestablishmentarianism designed by Mary C. Findley

I put the word “new” in quotes at the beginning of this post because Cancel Culture is hardly a new thing. When we published our book Antidisestablishmentarianism in 2013, we included many examples of people fired from their jobs, denied promotions, and vilified for not going with mainstream thought. The difference may be that those people were expressing support for Intelligent Design and biblical Creation. Apparently not quite as exciting.

“A belief in the Exodus will keep doctoral candidates from receiving their doctorates, PhDs from getting a job, prevent professors from achieving tenure and will blacklist tenured professors. A brief look at a few people who have experienced some of this prejudice is documented in Ben Stein’s movie Expelled.”

Cover shot of Expelled, by source, Fair use, Wikipedia

“The 2008 Ben Stein film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed documents the intolerance of the academic community toward anyone who believes in any form of Intelligent Design. Intelligent Design is simply the observation that the universe and everything in it are designed.”

Ben Stein (yes, I admit he’s a celebrity too) thought Intelligent Design was pretty exciting though. We were excited when we saw his movie. Unfortunately our culture is not as excited about the belief that evolution may be wrong. Secular Humanism has so permeated our culture, and even the minds and hearts of believers, that we feel we have to make room for Neo-Darwinism. We think God and evolution can exist side by side.

Cover of Rocks of Ages: Science and Religion in the Fullness of Life by Stephen Jay Gould

“The atheistic Marxist evolutionist Stephen Jay Gould has claimed that religion and science are ‘non-overlapping magisteria’ (NOMA). That is, science deals with facts of the real world, while religion deals with ethics, values, morals, and what it means to be human. He expounded this thesis in his book Rocks of Ages: Science and Religion in the Fullness of Life (Ballantyne, NY, 1999).”

Snip from a post shared on Reddit

As you can see from the quote above, this is hardly a new idea, and SJWs are just Cancel Culture warriors, setting aside the Word of God because they think caring for people’s bodies is more important than whether God’s Word is true or not. People need to understand that this is where Cancel Culture has its roots, and we as believers have been letting them put those roots down. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say that it isn’t important whether you believe in six literal days or thousands not millions of years. They also don’t think it’s important whether Noah’s flood was literal and worldwide.

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What is important is that you believe in the truth and authority of God’s Word. What does that have to do with Cancel Culture? Everything. Where did we get the idea for that bumper sticker that said “Question Authority”? If we can question everything, we have no foundation.

From left at The Heritage Foundation’s panel discussion of “gender equality”: Ryan T. Anderson, Julia Beck, Jennifer Chavez, Kara Dansky, and Hacsi Horvath. (Photo: The Heritage Foundation)

Feminists are currently fighting a whole new battle for women’s rights. You can read this article as just one example: If there is no absolute authority, people can believe that men can have periods, and participate in women’s sports, and use their bathrooms just because they say they “identify” as women. Die-hard feminist who fought for the right to vote, for equality, and more are aghast at these poisonous fruits of their labors. We should be even more aghast at the fruits of our saying that things in the Bible don’t matter.

CC BY 3.0 Richard Dawkins Cooper Union Shankbone Created: 29 September 2010

Ben Stein ended his film by interviewing Richard Dawkins. In our book we refer to him as Carl Sagan’s heir apparent as the high priest of Secular Humanism. Dawkins was dismissive and disrespectful of Stein in the interview when asked about Intelligent Design. Afterward Dawkins admitted he didn’t know who Stein was and didn’t take the interview seriously. After all, why would anybody question the dogma of Dawkins when he can get away with writing book after book saying things like, “We have proved that there exists a trajectory of stepwise change connecting beetle to deer and, by implication, a similar trajectory from any modern animal to any other modern animal.” (The Extended Phenotype: The Long Reach of the Gene. London: Oxford University Press, 1982, 1999.)

So now you know the culture they really want to cancel. What are you going to do about it?

Graphic for Antidisestablishmentarianism created by Mary C. Findley images from Depositphotos

All quotes, unless otherwise indicated, are from Antidisestablishmentarianism by Michael J. and Mary C. Findley © 2013, Findley Family Video

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7 thoughts on “Confronting Cancel Culture

  1. I take a slightly different approach from Russell. I pray for the grace of God to be able to help in the harvest of the final few, before the Lord calls us into the clouds. As individual believers, we all have our ministries. As a culture, we have lost the war and America is going down the tubes. We had four years to take a breath. But surely we’re not surprised at where we are headed. Last poll I heard said we are less than 9% if we hold a Biblical worldview. And I know many who hold that view without a personal relationship with Jesus. So, how small a minority are we really? Pray for boldness, persevere, and overcome. That’s our only hope at this point. The end rapidly approaches. Look up! Pray you are found worthy to escape the wrath to come.

    1. With God, we are the majority. And in the end, “every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess He is Lord of all”. I don’t believe He wants us to “give up”. Just keep on, keeping on and fight where ever and whenever we can.

    2. David, I have long been concerned about the confusion of American heritage and our commitment to Christ. I agree with you about that 9%, for sure. Amen to your prayers. Looking up is an excellent idea.

  2. Good Morning Mary and Michael. Here are my thoughts on “cancel culture” and how I am fighting back. I have investigated all the different social media platforms because they are starting to censor political entities but eventually they will come for the christians next. In fact, they are already trying to do this. The two that I have decided on us USA.LIFE and GAB. I will not bore you on the pros and cons of each but they each offer appitizing features. GAB, for example offers the ability to create 100 groups and you get your own GAB TV channel. The next thing I have done is to subscribe to ExpressVPN. this blocks prying eyes from your true IP address and encrypts your traffic. Which is makes it harder for FB, Google, etc to track you for your advertising dollar. So I am annomous to them

    1. Thank you, Russell, these are good plans. We are looking for independent hosting. I’d advise people to download their facebook and website content in the event of a takedown. I’m also on Gab and USA Life. Right now I find MeWe a bit more active. I’m also using the Brave browser and Duck Duck Go search engine.

      1. Yes, I use DuckDuckGo to. I was on MeWe but when I found out that the CEO is anti-christian and contributes to radical liberal causes I got off of there and deleted all of my groups. One thing I like about GAB is he seems to be a Christian and just the other day said that he will no long grant interviews to his words “heathen” media. He is also moving all of his financial dealings with only christian entities and businesses. BTW, when you find independent hosting please let us know. 🙂

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