Sunday Snowstorm Thankfulness

Accuweather snip from their website

We in eastern Oklahoma are hunkering down for very cold temps and lots of snow. I am about to burst with thankfulness, though, and I want to say why.

Graphic by Mary Findey
  1. Thankful for my hubby. He braves all kinds of conditions to drive his truck and earn a living. He is headed for another big storm in the northwest, and has been going through some of the worst conditions since he has had a CDL in 1998. I love him so much, and honor him. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.
Michael Findley, Photo by Victoria Findley

2. Thankful for our friends and neighbors. We have had the power flick off half a dozen times. Some neighbors in the online group have talked about taking shots for each outage. They are keeping their sense of humor, at least. But one neighbor who has a generator invited us to stay with her if ever it doesn’t come back on. Sooo thankful. Right next door! Also have two backups for safe places to ride out the teens and single digits, including a family from our online Sunday school class. 🙂

Not this snow storm, but our neighborhood with snow. Photo by Victoria Findley

3. Kitties to love and watch birds with. Sooo many birds taking advantage of our tabletop seed program. Cardinals, juncos, sparrows, black birds of various kinds, blue jays … so, so many. Our cats are ecstatic about the window views from the cat tree. And we had a junco tree when several perched on Vicky’s peach tree.

Ruthie. Photo by Victoria or Mary Findley
Tolstoy. Photo by Mary Findley
Photo by Victoria Findley

4. Especially our daughter. She has 3 months of emergency food stocks, bottles of water, and has gotten shovels, deicer, and done a lot of work to keep things safe, plus help neighbors. I haven’t had to leave the house since Tuesday. God bless her.

Victoria Findley. Photo by Mark Findley

5. Online friends. Some people would be isolated in these circumstances. I have writer groups, church friends, and even hubby to keep in touch with. So thankful for our online abilities. We even have a Verizon unlimited cellular data account so our connection doesn’t depend on electricity. Devices are charging so we can keep in touch.

Just a tiny fraction of the online site options. From

6. God has brought us this far. Good things and bad things, God has used them for our good and His glory. Without that, no matter how good my life is, it would mean nothing.

Graphic by Mary Findley

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