We Have News!

I know it seems like we’ve been pretty quiet lately, but we have been working to develop some new content and also to make our works available in more places. Here’s what’s new:

  1. We are working to create Visual Novels

Here are some illustrations and video clips we are using to create visual novels, an illustrated, interactive story that can have choices, objects to collect and use, and game elements. They are based on some of our works.

Outcome Unknown is a story from Michael’s Space Empire universe. It’s about how Mark and Michele Connors became involved in the Sojourner mission.

Outcome Unknown title screen

Another Visual Novel project comes from the book Benny and the Bank Robber and is called River Rescue. Benny must make choices and collect objects that will help him make a hard choice and do God’s will even when it might not be what he thinks God would want.

2. We have also brought our books back to the Smashwords site. It’s exciting to know that we’ve already got book sales and people adding our books to their libraries after just a week. https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/MCJFindley

3. We have set up a Payhip account.

This is a site independent of Amazon or other book upload sites. We can also upload other kinds of media, and if you buy there, we generate more income to put into new projects. Https://payhip.com/FindleyFamilyVideoPublications There are also customer incentives, like discounts if you refer others!

4. So even when we are quiet, it doesn’t mean we aren’t busy. One more thing we are working on is more audiobooks and putting the video back in FFVP. We are getting on TikTok now, so look out for some real time face time with FFVP! Here’s just one example of how we can actually show our faces in videos! 😀

We welcome your comments!

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